PARIS – men’s fashion week ss 11, bonus 1, 06/27/10

Check out the photos of two days in Warsaw on my visual diary.

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  1. Sniurk says:

    c’est assez spécial.. mais le rendus est plutôt cool :)

  2. I like the redhead! Looks very cool.

  3. Lauma B. says:

    the last one is quite eye-catching.

  4. the last shoes are just too sic
    i dig!

  5. nemee says:

    LOVE the first and third picture . the vest in the third picture is gorgeous .

  6. Vinda Sonata says:

    the third one is my favorite. number one doesn’t look manly enough ;)

  7. Valentine says:

    Great Photos!
    -the diary of a fashion stylist-

  8. Lové thèse photos as always!!! Sometimes i wish you coule tell us more about thé people
    Amazing blog

  9. M says:

    sorry but,
    today is dislike dislike dislike.
    no aesthetics

  10. JoewardM says:

    love those fur and his shorts! :]

  11. Beaudan says:

    Moving to Paris this night great photos..!!!Stylish looks!!! ;) MOVING TO PARIS

  12. Anonymous says:

    3rd photo, Amazing. I’m lost for words that’s all I can say. <3

    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  13. simonesays says:

    yum, boys in gladiators.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The guy at the top looks like Percy from the green mile. same face.

  15. Anonymous says:

    omg i wear the first outfit with sandals last week in frankfurt. What a coincidence!

  16. Anonymous says:

    masha :):)

  17. Very fresh looking outfits.
    But my favorite are the shoes and sandals, it feels so comfy and can blend in different wardrobes. Cheers to Fashion Week !

  18. What are those kind of shoes of the bottom picture? Kinda look like oversized boots, but still match the outfit, crazy enough?

  19. Nicolas A. says:

    I just like the shoes of the first man, but I wouldn’t wear it with the same outfit!

  20. John says:

    beautiful images and thanks for sharing.
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  21. Ashley Wright says:

    The guy in the shorts braces and t shirt is so cute, he lives near me i see him on the tube sometimes, he always looks good.x

  22. Anonymous says:

    the sneakers at the last picture are rick owens. is it me or they look oversized compared to his body?

  23. Ivan Lee says:

    THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    The last guy is trying way too hard but it made me laugh so i suppose hes good for something haha.

  25. Pal Zileri says:

    It’s just me, but I just don’t like shorts like those…