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  1. lula says:

    best one so far! wanted you to sign my book when you were here, in oslo, but had to work; visit again. soon.

  2. Lira Leirner says:

    Ah, what a fun part. Look at Andy’s legs! Amazing. This is helping me with some names…

    I wrote an article about the party, have a look at some more pictures, including one of Andy and mr facehunter looking shocked:

  3. It is so sweet to hear you talk english.


  4. haha absolutely nuts, love it.


    Birche magazine

  5. ANDY says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anonymous says:

    whats this song called??

  7. Terese says:

    I do honesty love you!

  8. Laurein says:

    Very cool video, I hope to visit London as soon a possible (It’s like 2 hours with the train from Belgium (!)). I hope you’re right about stylish people :)
    Really a cool blog x

  9. ~**juDee**~ says:

    What’s this song called? Its a massive tune (^^,)

  10. Dandara says:

    ooh jeezzz
    i need to go to london!
    carry me with you, yvan.

  11. Thalia says:

    YEEESSS stylish straight men :]

  12. Iriska says:

    I like your videos better than your photos nowadays! Not that your photos are all of a sudden bad, it’s just that your videos are awesome! :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    hey, does anyone know the song title???
    please please please

  14. It was a kool party, just wish I could remember more about it…