STOCKHOLM – kim & pixie, götgatsbacken, 06/14/10

The photos of my mini-stay in Madrid are up on my visual diary.

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  1. vv says:

    i really like this post! great blog don’t ever stop blogging:)


  2. Vinda Sonata says:

    she’s gorgeous. love her style and her hair!!

    fashion atelier.

  3. the F word says:

    i love it when an outfit doesnt need to have tones of things going on to stand out! she looks amazing

    Roman @

  4. Kara Marie says:

    i want those wedges!!!!

  5. FASHION SNAG says:

    I adore her cape and her little dog too.

  6. leo63 says:

    sublimes photos!!!!

  7. That is such an scandinavian style. I love their clean and sophisticated look and always up to trend with an edgy twist.

  8. Sarah Dee says:

    That cape/coat is fantastic!!


  9. Malu Rivero says:

    I’ll follow you and your inspirational photos!

  10. she looks so gorgeous, love the cape and the doggie is just adorable!

  11. Mariel says:

    Wow, that cape-jacket is so beautiful. And so is she! These photos are really adorable

  12. alyssa says:

    beautiful <3



  13. Valentine says:

    She’s so pretty and elegant..!
    -the life of a Belgian stylist-

  14. says:

    Sympa les photos.
    Il est trop marrant le chien !

  15. Very natural natura and fashion. I love the style.

  16. Lady M says:

    I loe 3rd photo!!

  17. love the cape!

  18. I love the way she is dressed. I am unfortunately not as well dressed when I walk my golden retriever ;-) I’ll have to make an effort!

  19. lusting this jacket.. adorable color and looks great!

  20. SCW says:

    I absolutely ADORE this coat. I have been searching for the perfect one just like it, but haven’t succeeded in finding the perfect winner yet. Keep up with the fantastic photos facehunter!

    check out my fashion & lifestyle blog the Mint’s Tint

  21. I have the exact cape. It’s from h&m, since everyone is looking!


  22. Love her shoes.

  23. Emily says:

    Götgatan is the best! Just bought your book from UO and I love it. Very inspirating :)

  24. lovely cape~ and cute pup!