PARIS – sandra & simon, men’s fashion week ss 11, 06/26/10

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  1. his glasses are just brilliant

  2. farina says:

    i like simon’s look.

  3. Ohmybird says:

    I love the second outfit!♥
    is perfect:)

  4. Cool look. This guy is making a name for himself on the fashion blog circuit.

  5. Yaary says:

    this two outfits are awesome!

  6. global ids says:

    nice blog :)
    serius :)

  7. amazing style!!!…very nice shots

  8. Such cool looks, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the black tank, “knickers”, punk socks & boots…sooo cool!

  9. Shamini says:

    nice blazer and love her necklace!

  10. Valentina says:

    Love the girl, soo sweet!
    And the color of the jacket is stunning!

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style

  11. i love that guy’s style, the tattoos and the socks, great!
    xx, zaia

  12. Lorena says:

    I like both of these looks, the blazer in the first and pants in the second are great; I would wear them both together if I could!

  13. Prutha says:

    love the guys outfit sooo sooo much!! its sooo cool…with the torn leggings and the harem shorts

  14. eva-christa says:

    Magnifique j’aime beaucoup ce blazer et ces lunettes

    La Bise

  15. Love his look good!
    Caro – bloggeuse from Geneva

  16. this blazer and the necklace work so great together, loved the look

  17. I’ve just arrived from The Brandery, and I was in the bloggermeeting, Great and congratulations!

    xoxo, Cassie

  18. Pia says:

    Love the jumpers for both men and women. the outfits are classic.

  19. Love the jacket in the top picture, very 60’s-70’s.

  20. u really spot the best locations man! everytime great shots…hope u will have a great time in warsaw and make some good pics.

    Best wishes

  21. K8 says:

    his dark gothness…so perfect. I especially love the addition of the ripped tights. Androgyny, maybe…but he’s throwing off a lot of maniless too.

    Fashion X

  22. Charlotte says:

    Love Sandra’s jacket, and the shape of her black vest!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  23. Aneta Markovna says:

    Love her coat.

  24. dodzsky says:

    wow what an awesome tattoo..

  25. nemee says:

    his glasses are amazing and i love his backpack . what a character .

  26. shes really pretty! and he has a great style

  27. Love that girl style!!!!

  28. CROATOR.NET says:

    The girl… Soft and beautiful <3
    And his style is simply amazing! I love ripped nylon.

  29. i love her jacket and her purse!

  30. Lady M says:

    I love 4th ad last photo!
    It’s so cool styling.

  31. Masha says:

    wow!!! the guy is os great! very rock-girl hahahj it’s for the first time that I see a guy with these hole tights)))

  32. M says:

    I’m so f*cking in love with the second outfit,
    of course it’s very posing but I think sometimes that’s what fashion is all about, isn’t it?

    thank you so much for taking a picture of this outfit.

  33. Maya says:

    great glasses, love the necklace, and the runs in his pantyhose are stupendous.

  34. Simon N says:

    Thanks for the compliments :)
    You can follow me at my blog:


  35. Carmen says:

    I love the guy !

  36. He is absolutely rocking it! The glasses make it complete, I think

    – Sierra from

  37. that boy is rocken those stockings like no the look..

  38. Kat says:

    love her look, it’s so fresh

  39. 3Wildxx says:

    WOW he looks so cool! ah x

  40. heí says:

    love that she’s not wearing any make-up.

  41. Like the bag on the second outfit.