PARIS – facundo, men’s fashion week ss 11, 06/26/10

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  1. interesting mix of colors & patterns!

  2. Marieta says:

    <3 wow what a face

  3. Fanny says:

    wow! Everything about him is so cool!

  4. Tinja says:

    love his pants! interesting look.

  5. diane says:

    Yvan, my first impression was of the 80’s; the wild mix of patterns, the elongated boot, black punky hair. My second thought was of the colors and characters that Dario Argento uses in his movies; this guy would fit right in.

  6. Clara says:

    i REALLY love it!!!

  7. mega cool

    quite in love now

  8. Lady M says:

    His eye is mysterious.
    This coordinate is interesting!

  9. Louise says:

    love his look.. the pants are awesome, the shoes just finish it all off!

  10. KC says:

    overall look is awesome. everything’s working well.

  11. dos says:

    wow, i love this guy.

  12. Mat says:

    gimme that shirt please

  13. CROATOR.NET says:

    Great style, I’m in love<3

  14. love the contrasts of patterns , interesting!

  15. Lorena says:

    I love the color-blocked shirt and the unpredictable mixing.

  16. i’d like to take those pants off, for more reasons than one.

  17. Alex Ingram says:

    Very Johnny Depp ish
    Great Blog! If you get the chance, check out mine at
    and follow on twitter at

  18. I love how you can now mix so many different patterns and colors together & it’s fashion forward. A few years back people would’ve said, “What are they doing?”LOL

  19. long guy with original style.
    He have a interesting face…

  20. dodz says:

    nice pants… i think that was wearied by Joker in movie like batman

  21. Anonymous says:

    This guy is just beautiful

  22. trip advice says:

    so nice shoes and mix colors..

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love a guy who experiments with his hair –

  24. I really love it…very cool

  25. Jonna says:

    wow very interesting outfit!

  26. kathrin says:

    i always thought that stripes and triangles are the greatest mix! loveKathrin

  27. loved this look, the pants are awesome. cool blog


  28. Criteriamour says:

    This is incredible.

  29. Ashley says:

    That blazer!!! I want it!

  30. Valentine says:

    Hehe cool outfit… he’s cute in an androgynous way…
    -the diary of a belgian stylist-

  31. ladiga says:

    oh i want to draw this NOW~!!!

  32. Bizarre, but it works! love it…reminds me of Robert Smith from The Cure.