OSLO – book signing, høyer eger & elle summer party, 06/03-04/10

Read my last column in The Observer here.

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  1. Ro says:

    love the last pic, love how she’s wearing her Docs

  2. great skirt :D
    love everything :D

  3. Norwegian style is indeed picking up, but we’re nowhere close to Sweden or Denmark, in general!

  4. pkjb says:

    what a lovely leather skirt! ck :) x

  5. beeble says:

    great photos, love the outfits!

  6. I love the second pic…amazing

  7. Ingrid says:

    love love love :)

  8. Atenea says:

    i like the third look :)! kisses

  9. The girl in the first look is so cute and fresh, she totally stands out to me.


  10. Dlife says:

    great pictures!!!well done

  11. love the 1 and 3outift
    looks amazing on them,that hat is just so cool!

  12. Camila says:

    love the outfits

  13. Jacqueline says:

    I looove these pictures!!! since we do not have a real summer here in Germany this year, these colorful styles and the blue skies cheer me up!


  14. Miiicha says:

    Love the outfits!

  15. Fab pattern and graphic mix. The all-in-one jumpsuit with its 80s inspired color concept is an apparel peice to dye for.

  16. raul b says:

    pa-ra-ra-pa-pa lovin’it!!

  17. Awesome photogrophy, thanks for sharing!
    Check out links to excellent articles and bestsellers: http://quick-reads.blogspot.com
    Hope to see you there!

  18. Ashley says:

    I want that b&w dress in the top shot – it is to DIE for.

    xoxo, Ashley

  19. Lady M says:

    I love 2nd photo!

  20. Valentina says:

    Amzing playsuit of the second pic…terrific pattern.

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style


  21. Cecylia says:

    The floral jumpsuit is a killer!

  22. The sky is blue or really as you retouched the photo? I like the freshness of these girls.

    Caro – blogueuse frome Geneve

  23. Hek says:

    Norwegian girls are hot, haha!
    And yes, that blue sky is common around here.

    Love the jumpsuit, very cool.

  24. luv the strip dress and the skrit!!

    so luvly!

    visit my new blog

  25. I love the third outfit, but I think I would pair it with some flirty sandals or wedges. I’m just not too fond of the loafers and socks


  26. Trend Steps says:

    yay! you’re in Norway.
    Oslo is my favorite city! :)

  27. love the dress with the stripes (:

  28. Anonymous says:

    Loving the floral jumpsuit and the Doc Martens in the 3rd snap!!! Where can I get some similar??

  29. Anonymous says:

    I love the second outfit. I don’t hate the last pic, but something about it annoys me, lol, who knows?!!


  30. Masha says:

    the last girl is so sweet. i like the first outfit with this blue sky and these stripes!


  31. Adele says:

    First dress is stunning.

  32. Mimi says:

    Love these pics! Amazing outfits.

  33. dos says:

    girl from second pic is wearing brilliant costume! love it.

  34. K8 says:

    loving the dress and the jumpsuit!

    Fashion X K8.blogspot.com

  35. Carmen says:

    The first dress is so good !

  36. gayle says:

    THAT is one amazing jumpsuit. most people will not, I repeat, will NOT get away with that one. But she carries it so well. I love it.

    And the colors! Oh my!


  37. lusting that last outfit!! the leather skirt with the white blouse and over sized hat.. LOVE IT!


  38. angie says:

    wow I really love your blog, such an inspiration!

  39. love the third outfit.cute skirt.
    love the dr martens with white socks.she looks adorable.would love to know more about her look