MILAN – colonne di san lorenzo & subject60 party, 06/10/10

More photos of the Subject60 party in Milan are up on my visual diary.

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  1. Ro says:

    just simple, just beauty!
    love your pics Ivan!

  2. so cool! and the photos are amazing!
    Milan it’s a trendy city :)

  3. Bleinch says:

    I love that bycicle!!!!

  4. Valentine says:

    Great Picts… Made me wanna go ti Milan !!
    -belgian fashionista-

  5. Signe says:

    god, i love the shoes in the first picture!

  6. mara says:

    omg what great pictures!!i love the girl on the bycicle!the colors are amazing!

  7. great. i love everything :D

  8. love the last one with the guy! seems an hyppie jesus! do u like Milano? are you staying for some days?
    ps: I wrote a small/shy/unwhorty post about u on my blog, hope u don’t mind!

  9. all three have such fabulous hair!

  10. khdz says:

    i love how in the first picture, the bag almost blends into the rock :P

  11. Alecto says:

    not only are these pictures visually stunning, but the one woman makes me want to go find a brightly coloured pair of jeans…

  12. Hello*Pretty says:

    Awesome photos.. fabulous suspects! xo -karrie

  13. Francesca says:

    love the first pic

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  14. joninel says: the girl with the tosca jeans :)

  15. Lorena says:

    I wonder what happened to that guy, why is his chest covered in scratches?? The first photo of the girl on the bike is great!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Last guy?! Excuse me but where is the style? I cannot see anything in his appeareance that could interest me.


  17. Stefania says:

    Hi! I live at colonne di San Lorenzo in Milan! :D
    hope you enjoyed your stay here! during the night it’s even better, it’s full of people :)

  18. wow all this outfits are just so laid back , my fav is the guys one
    he loooks so cool without trying!

  19. SaraKateSwan says:

    Another batch of incredible images!
    Love the bike!

  20. Blackcowboy says:

    I do like the first picture, that outfit is really nice

  21. love the looks of the second picture. So easy

  22. fantastic location…great pics

  23. Meera says:

    love the first picture the most! it was amazing.

  24. Anonymous says:

    is that bottom guy the model who did the logan scarf campaign a few years ago?

  25. nilson says:

    Great pictures! I love your pics!!!

  26. Céline says:

    * ** Lovely bicycle !! My passion T.H.A.N.X for this marvelous pictures !! *