COPENHAGEN – distortion, 06/06/10

All the photos of my magic stay in São Paulo are up on my visual diary.

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  1. Mariel says:

    Killer style all around

  2. Mia Delessi says:

    Love it

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Excellent outfits. I adore the last the most though, mostly because of the hair.

  4. Jess E. says:

    I love the outfit of the first picture.

  5. seven says:

    I want to be the platnium blonde.

  6. genevieve says:

    As always your photos are diverse in subject matter, wonderfully shot , interesting and on the cutting edge of cool. Love it

  7. OMG i love their hair ! Beautiful pictures ;D

  8. MARTA says:

    Nyhavn !!!!! love this city sooo much…killing style!

  9. Jacqueline says:

    I wish I had lips like the 2nd/3rd girl!!!

  10. I love the first pic…amazing style

  11. Valentine says:

    The second girl is adorable !
    -belgian fashionista-

  12. Petter says:

    Gotta love it!

  13. joeward says:

    black is really amazing! nice photos. :]

  14. Karoline says:

    Love the edgy style of the two first girls!

  15. Charlotte says:

    Unbelievable style. Perfect!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  16. Having nice time Babe!

  17. A bit of trash punk, but still feminine with the fabric mix of dull and transparent sheer.I like the length of the dress.Could be a fashion trend after the mini and elongated tees.

  18. Julia says:

    Great pictures!

  19. Jack Daniel says:

    Yes. Scandinavian girls. You gotta love ’em.

  20. those studded boots are so awesome!

  21. Masha says:

    the blond hair. just great. I’m so fan!!

  22. sarita says:

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  23. Anonymous says:

    love it