SAO PAULO – gokula, higienópolis, 05/12/10

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  1. Sarah Dee says:

    her shoes are too cute!!


  2. Great idea to wear those shoes with an all-white outfit, nice balance!

  3. SuzieM says:

    i love her looks. the striking green in her shoes is a great contrast to the white outfit.

  4. Tobi says:

    I love the pop of colour with the shoes !!!

  5. Amazing! Chic and fabulous…

  6. Your blog is the best! Keep up the good work :)

  7. love this green shoes…you are great

  8. Davidikus says:

    I love that building in the background of the first picture. When I went to Brasilia & Rio last summer I was shocked to see how fashion forward Brasil is.

    I live in London, which is pretty much stuck in the 1970s and endless revivals when it comes to fashion (cue: people still dress like punks as if it were still 1977), so I was amazed to see the freshness of the dress sense in Brazil, how innovative most people seem to be, how well they work with colours and shapes to create beautiful silhouettes pleasing to everyone instead of the egocentric narcissistic trips that I have to endure in London.

    Brazil may not have the big household names that Paris, Milan, New York or Florence have, yet (though Oscimar Versolato did very well, Osklen is a great brand etc.) but in terms of street-style, Brazil is the most inspiring country I have been to recently.

  9. such a crisp yet relaxed outfit- love her top knot and the twist of green shoes! ALways look forward to your posts! x
    would love you to drop by my blog fashion clocked

  10. Sarah says:

    her apple green shoes make me considerably happy.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I want lime green shoes! ;)

  12. Jack Daniel says:

    I wouldn’t say this is Sao Paolo…so great!

  13. Helene says:

    I think I’ve actually been there:O
    Love the outfit and the shoes:)

  14. Dandara says:

    Finalmente, BRASIL! Como eu gostaria de estar em São Paulo para o lançamento do livro.
    Finally, Brasil! How i wish to be in sao paulo to the book premiere

  15. she look amazing in white, love how she paired it with those color shoes!

  16. the looks are gorgeous.
    great photography!!!
    congratulations for the blog!!

  17. Liya says:

    i love her green shoes!

  18. SS says:

    i lovw that outfit. don’t exactly know why. the shoes are especially nice!

  19. Kawai says:

    Her style somehow reminds me of Ece Sukan of Turkish Vogue.

    I blogged about her before. There’s an inexplicable dated retro-ness about all this. Maybe it’s up and coming!

    Kawai xx
    The Fashion Commentary Site:

    Follow me on twitter for BREAKING FASHION NEWS @kiwibiwi

  20. Tati Lotufo says:

    I am from Sao Paulo and I follow your blog. So exciting to see that you are photographing here.

  21. wow she’s really pretty and has greta style

  22. I really like the pictures you’ve drawn

  23. Anonymous says:

    your newest pictures are sooo much better than the older one – go on like this

  24. M says:

    great shoes

  25. Wish I was there yesterday, but I’m stuck on the other side of Brazil! Nice color of the shoes! The outfit doesn’t fill me with much enthusiasm.

    xoxo Sandra

  26. edgarae1 says:

    OMG it’s Brittany Murphy back from the dead.

  27. Dai Freitas says:

    I live in this neighborhood!

    And I was at the book launch, it was a pleasure to meet you personally.

    Daiane Freitas
    Blog Acessórios & Achados

  28. J E S S U says:

    Interesting how the shoes are green :)