SAO PAULO – downtown & masp, 05/15-16/10

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  1. LOVE the first outfit!

  2. Le 21ème says:

    LOVE his shirt, Yvan! When are you coming to Seattle? I’ll set you up at the W Hotel!

  3. vv says:

    love ur blog
    great post



  4. We love her outfit. Great necklace.

  5. Masha says:

    I like the flower jacket at the first picture. a few days ago one of my friend propose me to change with her clothes. she proposed me a violet flower jacket but I didn’t change… tHE SWEATER that she wanted is one of my favorite…

  6. harps says:

    the guy has a cute haircut.
    the girl looks like she has no torso

  7. Leslee says:

    Oh sao paolo definitely one of my favorite places. Love the casual exoticness in the outfits. Cool shots.

  8. Nude&Nerd says:

    the guy is sweet.

  9. Louise says:

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  10. A minina na foto é muita bonita. (Portuguese for: The girl in the photo is very pretty.)

    – David

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  11. dani_berry says:

    Hi, i’m brasilian and welcome to Brasil!!!

    I like your blog so much!

  12. dévisageur says:

    Sorry guys, I deleted accidentally the 11 first comment…

  13. Aline says:

    hey everybody! where i can find one of this floral knit here in brazil?

    yvan, happy that you were here!!hope that you have enjoyed…