THE OBSERVER – may 2nd: coachella & toronto

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  1. Jenny Huld says:

    The B&W tights are WICKED!

  2. FASHION SNAG says:

    The girl in the yellow dress rocks. x

  3. Liya says:

    I need to get me some of those tights!!

  4. Raggedy Ann says:

    I really like that first outfit, and of course all of the photos.

  5. ramona west says:

    kind of genius that the girl with the ‘school girl’ look is posed in front of a school bus…

  6. Toronto! you were in my hood!!! Hope you enjoyed our lovely weather right now!


  7. Love the tights and boots in the second to last picture… very cool!

  8. proletkult says:

    the last look looks so british!


  10. dodz says:

    your so cute baby, the hat and the place from toronto i like it

  11. Hahaha… the school bus picture is fun! Like! xoxo Sandra

  12. cecylia says:

    Love their styles!

  13. karina says:

    all looks are great .

  14. Hannasvea says:

    Love the yellow-dressed girl!

  15. Curtain Rods says:

    The girl with yellow dress looking so cute… and the background is also amazing… The girl with b/w bottom looking wow…

  16. Yen says:

    The last girl id different!

  17. i love the yellow dress and i LOVE the last outfit x

  18. KohCo says:

    The last shot with the pinafore dress, multicoloured brogues and red tights is just STUNNING. And the magic school bus makes me love the photo ever so much.

    I really hope you do a book tour in Aus soon :)


  19. Clare says:

    Love the first girls’ style and the third girl is perfectly positioned by a school bus in her cute outfit.

    tweet tweet tweet


  20. SuzieM says:

    love that last picture. so cute!!

  21. love the pics! especially the cute yellow dress.

  22. very nice picture…amazing outfits

  23. Sniurk says:

    Tres belles photos, tres bons looks

  24. the first girl is so cute. i love her style

  25. nadjasinblog says:

    Very lovely dresses!

  26. I’m lovin’ the third pic…dress, jacket, boots & tights..oh my!

    Stop by & check out the pics of my son @ the CALVIN KLEIN 2010 Fall Presentation.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The dress is my Toronto private school’s uniform, so that’s probably what she’s wearing. Who knew people would ever think it’s fashionable?

  28. Magsli says:

    The yellow dress + brown loafer combo is great.

  29. Studded Rose says:

    Love them all but adore the last one with the red tights so chic xx

  30. ..... says:

    those tights are AMAZING!! where can i get a pair?!

  31. Joan says:

    i love the last girl’s look.
    vintage school girl!!

    Hello Dasein!

  32. I love the yellow dress…

  33. Prutha says:

    brilliant shots

    follow if u like what u see?