NEW YORK – elena, broadway x 9th street, 05/08/10

All my photos of my Russian trip and my London stop-over are up on my visual diary.

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  1. Raggedy Ann says:

    Loving the shoes!

  2. Bb says:

    I love her dress. xx

  3. God these pictures are just stunning then again she is pretty gorgeous herself!!

    thank you for sharing

  4. lovely! her handbag is fab!

  5. rednails says:

    The second picture is really awesome. Just speechless.

  6. Amazing! Chic and fabulous!!!

  7. the second one is just stunning! i love the way you just catched the roght moment to take the photo.
    xx Isabel

  8. Tara says:

    Loving the little kid in the background of 2nd pic!

  9. Those shoes are winners I got them since last winter and still rock them this spring!!!! Love you Ava(name of the shoes)

  10. dreamylacey says:

    The photos are geat. I love the second one. her bag is just great!!!!

  11. rebecca says:

    Was it a bit windy that day? ;)
    She looks amazing regardless

  12. Amazing pics – love the windswept look
    Love those Topshop boots too – knew I should have got them…

    Style Remains

  13. I love the naturalness of these photos

  14. says:

    :) Monstrueuse la derniere photo

  15. Sarah Dee says:

    Holy beautiful shoes and dress!!!


  16. ELMO says:


  17. Those boots are killing me softly im in luuuuuvvv!

  18. Gon says:

    How cool! I specally like the last photo! She’s so cute ;D

    Dimogonda blog

  19. be.aoi says:

    wooow! the second picture is gorgeousss!

  20. Barbara says:

    there’s a dress from h&m that looks exactly like this! maybe it’s that one? it’s gooorgeous!

  21. Sky Pies says:

    So gorgeous! <3

  22. Mariona says:

    I love the movement you transmit to the second picture!

  23. alex says:

    I am really really into white lacy pretty dresses worn with metal studded/zippered black leather bags so am loving the outfit. Noice.

  24. HAL says:

    Love her kicks. She’s gorgeous!

  25. slegna says:

    this girl is beautiful!

  26. wauw, just amazing pretty pics everytime!!
    this one in front of the animals is just gorgeous!
    love it.

  27. Charlotte says:

    God, her bag and boots are to die for!

    Great shots.

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  28. Clare says:

    Love her dress, so nearly bought that the other day…

    tweet tweet tweet


  29. Love the second pic so much!!!

  30. Glayki says:

    i love her style

  31. Maya says:

    great dress. I think i almost bought it at H&M the other day.

  32. Christing says:

    love the last pic!! she’s so gorgeous and the dress is amazing!

  33. Liya says:

    love the boots on those lovely long legs :)

  34. Fedge says:

    Nice pictures. . . Capturing the right angle and will make a perfect picture such as this….

    No doubt even the person whom took those picture is Fabulous as well . . .

    Why don’t you post your on pictures

    Fedge Shacks

  35. cecylia says:

    I love her bag and boots

  36. I love how both the girl in the front and the little girl in the stroller’s hair are blowing in the same exact way

  37. Lady M says:

    1st photo is cute!
    2nd photo is cool!
    Beautiful photo.

  38. We think that you have a great blog and have added you to the site that brings together the best fashion blogs in the world. Best regards/ Alexandra, Fashion bloggers

  39. chibi says:

    that is such a smexy shot- i love her white dress

  40. The hair of the little girl in the buggy behind the woman is just blown away like hers! ^^
    xoxo Sandra

  41. Windy day. Great pics!

  42. Davidikus says:

    The first pic is weird, but the second is wonderful, truly.

  43. TIASglass says:

    Fabulous blog and amazing photography. Kudos!

  44. gih says:

    Wow! Very stunning look. She’s so attractive with that photo. How lucky is the man who will be her husband.

  45. the pose is total venus anadyomene

  46. Anonymous says:

    …want to be there as well…

  47. Alice says:

    …loving the moment…wishful thinking being there

  48. Jack Daniel says:

    Woah, this is great!

  49. Nancy says:

    the second photo is great! love the light!

  50. Dandara says:

    sex and the city

  51. so pretty. love the photos.

  52. The second one is simply picturesque.
    I’m definitely loving it.

    fashion abuse

  53. Karen Lewis says:

    Love your photos! The second in this set is stunning!

  54. nataliehartleywears says:

    think this a a great shot for street style nice with the movement

  55. Jasmin says:

    got the same dress, it’s awesome!
    and so are these pictures

  56. Great pictures!Love the second one!

  57. jakarech says:

    LOVE the dress!!

    look at my diy floral dress…

  58. Anpan says:

    Love the last picture, just beautiful shot!