MOSCOW – rita, kitay-gorod, 04/27/10

Check out my column about Russia in The Observer here.

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  1. Sarah Dee says:

    Her coat is SICK! ;)


  2. alex says:

    black on black on black on black on black….I don’t normally like this but today I do! I feel like the textures are what make it work.

  3. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love her facial expression, coat, and leather shorts. x

  4. stells says:

    Love her “haunting” style! :)

  5. i love the blunt cut with the black skirt and the drama of the fabric!
    it really works well together.

  6. ranatastic says:

    such a fierce face….
    cool love her furry coat,

  7. rasananda says:

    I always say i never have any to have children to my own. but mothers day make me thank full for evere thing my mother has done for me.

  8. I love this outfit. Monochrome is awesome when worn with many textures like this, doesn’t feel too dark or goth-like either, she looks great.

  9. Her coat is the timeless pieces, sweeeet……

  10. Camille says:

    why ‘re the leather clothes en vogue?? i can’t understand it!!

  11. Eda says:

    She has a charisma.

  12. Alice says:

    …nearly perfect…the whole, airy dramatic cherry blossom scenery…

  13. Mary & Aly says:

    OMG i love your blog … it´s amazing or no its unbelievable …
    yesterday i read an interview with you in a magazing an now i love your blog ; ))

    hugs and kisses aly

  14. Jonna says:

    Love the coat!

  15. red | hongyi says:

    she looks very upset
    nice outfit though


  16. awesome furrish coat….

  17. dodz says:

    nice outfit so black i like it.

  18. Sara says:

    perfection, so simple outfits, but it compliments her pale skin so well.

  19. Anonymous says:

    he don´t change the face.

  20. i usually dont like entierly black outfit but this one is great

  21. MOSCOW??!!!How cool is that!!!great photo. I am amazed.

    Lots of love,
    Fashion Abuse

  22. Anonymous says:

    great lip color, but with the all-black it’s seems a little… obvious.

    it’d be interesting with a different outfit.

    love the texture, and i like what she’s done to her hair. i’m guessing it’s actually long?

  23. WOW! She is amazing…What an original look. -Check out my blog for street fashion ILLUSTRATIONS! =D

  24. Peghah says:

    love the coat…love all black on black looks…so chic

  25. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!