LOS ANGELES – cc sheffield, la brea, 05/04/10

Listen more of her music here.

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  1. gabu says:

    great style!

    felicitaciones x l blog, tiene mucha onda.

    kiss kiss
    * gabu


  2. Hahaha the cannonball guy. Pretty girl, nice dress and looks great with her long legs.


  3. Liya says:

    she is beautiful.. i actually dont mind the song either :)

  4. Sarah Dee says:

    Love the cuffs!!


  5. Cecylia says:

    Man she’s gorgeous but she cannot sing

  6. Gon says:

    You’re both so funny xD! She’s really pretty and has great style i really liked the silver cuffs!

    Dimogonda blog

  7. be.aoi says:

    gorgeous girl… beautiful outfit!

  8. she looks cuter by the minute

  9. For me, this is your best picture so far! Love the colors. Love the lady. Love her outfit! I just love everything about this picture. Will save it in my inspiration file.
    xoxo Sandra


  10. le pearl says:

    She is cute <3

  11. This girl looks so cool, just chilling out with her guitar.

  12. HAL says:

    I love her cuffs .. amazing.


  13. lorraine says:

    she´s wonderful!

  14. Madame M says:

    Quel modèle magnétique!

  15. larry p says:

    her lips r beautiful

  16. Mood de Luna says:

    Wonderful bracelets !

  17. ad.idem says:

    very nice blog :) lovely post as always.


  18. Jack Daniel says:

    The cutest girl of your blog. Ever. Put her on the cover of your second book.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful girl but seriously bad at singing! ) Regina Spector wannabe)Conclusion: beautiful people should just be beautiful.

  20. ZO says:

    She’s beautiful. But, she should scrap all those myspace songs and stick to the simple strumming.

  21. oh she’s gorgeous, love the dress and shoes…it looks so easy for her to be stylish!


  22. KohCo says:

    Oh she’s absolutely gorgeous
    And her outfit is divine
    60s airhostess meet country/folk cowboy




  23. Jodie says:

    she’s gorgeous! but when she talks and sings, something doesn’t seem right.. (she seems a bit daft)

  24. SuzieM says:

    love her look!!!

  25. Clare says:

    Beautiful! One of my favourite hunted faces.

    tweet tweet tweet


  26. jenn says:

    LOVE her metal cuffs(?), such a strong look.

  27. Anonymous says:

    wow, how tall is she?

  28. chibi says:

    pretty <3 love the naked man behind her lol

  29. she is beautiful, has a great style and i love her voice..great girl ;)

    something special – be part of it:


  30. Anonymous says:

    ick. horrible music; contrived look.

  31. gurl can put it together!! A+

  32. non-no says:

    how old is she?

  33. woww lovely girl and style!!

  34. The Fall says:

    love these photos – she has great style

  35. Soren Romer says:

    What’s great about these pics is the setting. That graffiti wall is just awesome, and accentuates her outfit. Great job by the photographer!


  36. Alice says:

    I love this song!

  37. Great outfit. Love the dress.

  38. Nonita says:

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  39. love the vividness of the photos!

  40. snappy says:

    Love the color background, and all around style. Her song isn’t bad either. Very snappy.
    snappy x

  41. joanaddicted says:

    funny.. and charming

  42. Joan says:

    this is just perfect!
    the background is so blue, it’s like the sky, literally.

    Hello Dasein!

  43. gih says:

    That’s quite fabulous. I like woman who is talented to guitar. I am very impressed to her.

  44. What great style…love the shoes!

  45. kmarie says:

    SO CUTE! Musicians have the best looks.


  46. senhoratyler says:

    Compared to the songs at her myspace page she sounds lovely on this mini clip.

    The pictures are perfect.

  47. she is so beautiful… so delicate and….. eternal…


  48. Maria says:

    Hahaha. Yvan, Mister Super Lova Lova.
    I realized I missed you when I
    ” S A W ”

    you last night :)

    How lovely.
    Too hot.

  49. sanjella says:

    wow, beautiful. i love it!

  50. She is very pretty but she should stop bleaching her teeth! i bet they already glow in the dark like those stars you used to put on the ceiling above your bed when you were a child. But at least those teeth ARE not like stars, yellow and far apart. Still: stop the bleachin, for the love of god!
    haha, funny as hell: my word verification says “dentes” hahaha LMAO

  51. Anonymous says:

    Just because she’s pretty and has a brand new guitar (that she evidently hasn’t bothered to learn how to play) doesn’t make her a singer-songwriter. I feel embarrassed for her, and for you.

  52. Anonymous says:

    cc sheffield….
    good name.
    love The Nanny…

  53. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT! the song is just perfect only cus its not. you dont have to be a great singer or player, thats the key! great. even though i actually liked her voice :)

  54. Teresa says:

    I like your music!

  55. Kelly says:

    What lovely style. So relaxed and pretty.

    Sequins & Shadows

  56. eva says:

    she`s so beautiful but she shouldn`t sing…

  57. What A face?!Not to even mention the endless legs she has.

    nicely spotted

    fashion abuse

  58. Marissa says:

    You’re not a good musician just because you look good holding a guitar.


    This is so L.A.


    If she acted like herself, she would probably have something interesting to say.


    The song must be about herself.

  59. katykaty says:

    she is like an urban outfitters Audrina!

  60. Sara & Petra says:

    Wow. I love your blog. And this girl… I love her, too! ^^

  61. THE UNIQORN says:

    she is sooo charming!!
    love her style and smile!!
    and the video is great ;)

  62. Stanislava says:

    her music is terrible!

  63. kate says:

    She is adorable! Plus she was just on the new episode of TRUEBLOOD, topless might I add, and she’s very beautiful…