THE OBSERVER – march 15th: milan fashion week

To read the whole column, click here.
The photos of my two first days in Reykjavik are up on my visual diary.

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  1. duckalicious says:

    great layering on the first photo

  2. I really like the blue with the gray but the best one has to be the black and yellow! Love it! Amore this blog!

  3. Lore. says:

    love the first and the last look!
    check out my blog:

  4. itsjustleyla says:

    i lov the bag of the third look! very good styles. milan must be great.

  5. Anna M. says:

    The first photo is awesome :)

  6. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love all the coats/jackets, especially the last girl’s.

  7. Carina Joana says:

    they look super cool! loved it <3

  8. Sara says:

    I love the first outfit :)
    See you in my blog!

  9. Miri says:

    The last look is my favourite – combining a black outfit with a yellow shirt and blue sandals is fabulous (even though it sounds weird)!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love the first picture!!


  11. Absolutly love the lady in blue and grey ♥

  12. sinnlighet says:

    Wooooooow & woooooooow, love your blog!

    Agneta, a swedish one ;)

  13. Vinda Sonata says:

    i always looooove the shots you took. the last style is def. gorgeous. love the furry jacket!!

    fashion atelier.

  14. 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777
    Superb !

  15. gih says:

    I like the shoes of that lady on first photo. cool and nice to eyes.

  16. Cecylia says:

    I love your blog. The lady in caramel is gorgeous.

  17. Konstantin says:

    i like the 2nd on…

    check out my fashion illustration:

  18. carteltrend says:

    great looks, as usual, particularly lovely bags.

  19. Sniurk says:

    belle série de photos,
    j aime beaucoup

  20. I’ve just bought U’re book : it is amaziiinng ! Thanks for thoses sensationnal pics!
    Kisses from Antwerp

  21. sefi says:

    love the coats and the winter!
    our winter in Tel Aviv is over :(

  22. I love milan so much, i’m going back this summer. Can’t wait, so much beautiful people there.

  23. Love the shades of blue and grey in the one with the cute wooly hat. Subtle and thoughtful.

  24. I love this colour combination. So much so that I blogged about it myself and credited/linked this image. Love it.

  25. Empress says:

    Love the first outfit from head to toe. Blue and grey is a combination I must try!

  26. Loving all the pics especially the first the one! great textures used

  27. Vivianne says:

    loooove this coat. if I had it, i think i would be tempted to sleep in it.