THE OBSERVER – april 4th: reykjavik fashion festival

Read the whole column here.
More images from my Icelandic & Irish trips on my visual diary.

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  1. Clare says:

    The second girl is a little bit amazing, love her jacket.

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  2. Mila says:

    LOVE 2nd girls outfit!!!

  3. Sky Pies says:

    I love the velvet puffy sleeve coat! The necklace adds a great punch, <3

  4. philippojazz says:

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    I think that there’s no other blog like this! congratulations

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  5. Great necklace in the 2nd one. Classic rough/sweet combination for the 1st, not sure about the stripes cardigan, but really cute layering for the bottom part.

  6. Emi Troy says:

    I agree with the others! Love the second girl! She looks gorgeous!

    xx Emi

  7. FASHION SNAG says:

    Great layers in the first outfit and I love both jackets. xo

  8. I like her scrunched up fists in the second photo, I wonder if she did it on purpose or not. Sometimes when I am nervous/uncomfortable I do the same thing and don’t realize until later when I look at the photos that I was making fists.

  9. wow all the layering is amzing
    she looks awesome, love the boots!

  10. msskeide says:

    Love the studded leather jacket in pic 1 and the boots in pic 3:)

  11. Kale says:

    Very cool how the second girl has combined all these different elements like the Edwardian jacket the bone necklace the denim shirt to create a perfectly indistinguishable style

  12. eva says:

    i love the pop of salmon color on the slip. Oh how i wish I could own a slip in every color!

  13. Hadas Aharon says:

    I loved the skirt of the first girl!

  14. gih says:

    I like the style of tha 2nd photo with blue color outfit. She looks so gorgeous with that design.

  15. first girl’s outfit !

    dentelle ! lovelovelove

  16. Anonymous says:

    fachunter has gone seriously downhill, now its really commercial. rich girls who look like models are only interesting for straight men to look at and high street shoppers. i thought this website was about individuality, i haven’t seen any of that on here in a long time,

  17. Margaret says:

    that coral colour is so perfect :O xx

  18. I love the dress the second girl is wearing with those boots,devine.

  19. I really like how the top girl is layering those skirts – a very clever way to do the big sheer trend.

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