NEW YORK – houston street + waverly place, 04/09/10

All my London shots are up on my visual diary.

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  1. When I grow up I want to be just like him!

    Yours Truly


  2. Sara Hilmars says:

    Love it! Both outfits are amazing xx

  3. Great layering, and the asymmetry on the girl looks interesting.

  4. FASHION SNAG says:

    I love the first girl’s layering with the two jackets. x

  5. liza says:

    That’s Gerald Decock, hairstylist and super-nice guy.

  6. Nicole Then says:

    oh i love how she layered everything in a very classy way. caught your vid with H&M too, loved watching it :D

  7. Brigadeiro says:

    Love the first outfit! Brilliant layering…

  8. Ugo says:

    classic style!

  9. Pricciao says:

    wowwww, Valerija here !
    she is stunning, her face is so edgy.

  10. Vijay Kumar says:

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  11. very urban chic…love this outfit

  12. Clare says:

    She is oh so beautiful, love all the layers!

    tweet tweet tweet


  13. gih says:

    Wow! That an old man has a great beard.

  14. Karoline says:

    That man looks so great!

  15. cool old man ! i love him !

  16. Lina says:

    wow!I love your blog!Outfits amazing!

  17. Jana says:

    The guy looks awesome! <3

  18. enrique says:

    Scarves are becoming a more important staple in one’s bag just in case it gets a lot colder. Is utilitarianism the new luxury?

  19. Tuxy says:

    I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps.

  20. says:

    totally fan of the girl

  21. Iben says:

    old people can dress really cool;)

  22. DEA says:

    I love the second outfit, it´s simply perfect! i can see myself wearing it :DD

  23. GIF PHOTO says:

    so cool photos and cool dude with hat ;)

    facehunter u rock!


  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Jack Daniel says:

    Woah, good looking people.

  26. Anonymous says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  27. mimi sioux says:

    this old man looks wicked!!
    he would certainly bring a smile to my face if I saw him on the street :)

  28. So we’ve finally found Waldo, eh? This guy is fantastic!

  29. i want to get old like him.

  30. xxxx says:

    the first girl is the best thing i have ever seen ever.
    hygiene seems such a novelty these days.

  31. Why, hello!! says:

    ahhh i love his boots. love love love love em.

  32. Anonymous says:

    kelava, prettiest woman ever, I LOVE YOU

  33. Elena says:

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  34. Elena says:

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