NEW YORK – chantalle, lafayette street, 04/10/10

More NYC ambience on Yvan Rodic.

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  1. Mila says:

    Amazing colors!

  2. Wow!
    I love it. This girl has great style :D

  3. gdn says:

    No. It’s too “strong” for me. But I like her top.

  4. Clare says:

    Love her trousers, they are stunning!

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  5. I like the pants, shoes and socks together, nice colors.

  6. VoulaVous says:

    my niece 6, the youngest bonafide fashionista I know, wears red & pink together all the time. I think that her truly free-spirited nature alleviates any doubt and preconceptions that us adults have about the combination and just wears what she thinks looks good. Believe me, it works!

  7. Emi Troy says:

    Love her pants! The shoes kinda bother me…but she looks great!

    xx Emi

  8. I can taste the rainbow…. So vivid!

    Yours truly


  9. What a disappointing choice of subject. Because a girl is skinny and packing on trends, she then has good style? If she were a few sizes larger no one here would like this.

  10. Wow, love her shoes! Nice outfit!


  11. eda says:

    the colours are very strong, however they do remind of photographs from the 70’s. The shoes remind me of Chloe, and i am in love with the trousers, despite the masculine style they look fabulous belted and high waisted ♥

    Eda x

  12. bravegrrl says:

    yeah, great color combo


  13. Very unique, she definitely has confidence

  14. cocojones says:

    I just did a post about tasteful, tonal hues, but this is making me love the dramatic clashing look! Great photo!

  15. olof says:

    Lovley! , please check out my blog, and say what you think! thankyou:) /o

  16. Brigadeiro says:

    Love the colour combinations, especially that ‘rasberry’ top!

  17. Maya says:

    Love the Pants! I need some just like them!!!

  18. LacyLady says:

    The trousers are perfect, she looks great in them! Anyone know where they are from? I think I need them!

  19. Ella says:

    Too cool. How does she manage to get away with that?

  20. gih says:

    She looks so gorgeous with that outfit. And I like her hair.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Totally great. Harmonical combination of the colours. Well done!!!


  22. I’m lovin the color palette and the accessories!great photo

  23. I’m lovin the color palette and the accessories used! greaat photo

  24. emma says:

    omg i saw this woman walking down the street and was so sad i didnt have a camera, thank you!!!

  25. fx says:

    omg – beautyful !

  26. sarah says:

    Just got a similar pair of pants in black and can’t wait to wear them now!