MOSCOW – tess, red square, 04/28/10

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  1. Cris Piera says:

    love the outfit and the pics! :)

  2. Vinda Sonata says:

    i LOVE the outfit. she’s gorgeous and so are her shoes!

  3. Inge says:

    love the outfit, but more than that, i love the face!

  4. Bohemian says:

    Great pictures! love the outfit!

  5. How exciting — you found your camera!

    These are stunning shots.

  6. Judit says:

    Who are those people? Do tou stop them and take the photo or do you know them?

    Its a questions that I always though…

  7. Nyrha says:

    I love that outfit and pictures are amazing beautifuls!

  8. Krismaria says:

    hand-maid coat?
    nice colour of scarf)

  9. FASHION SNAG says:

    Wow, great photos and outfit. I love her coat and her boots. x

  10. Vanessa says:

    Whoah – those boots! I love her over-sized jersey. It looks so warm

    x Vanessa

  11. Mayweather says:

    My wife said she almost covered everything with that outfit. And I replied to her, so that she wouldn’t recognize to those soldiers behind here :-)

  12. Clare says:

    She’s a little bit amazing… Her shoes, her hood, her…

    tweet tweet tweet


  13. Haayi says:

    Boots.! Lovely

  14. Red Square = a brilliant backdrop for an even more brilliant photo.
    I love the one of her posing while the soldiers behind her are marching.

    Sher @ FA

  15. These pictures are too good for words to even express. I heart it, hard.

    Passport Smiles

  16. Caroline says:

    Beautiful blues.

  17. fabulous style…great pictures…amazing shoes

  18. Hadas Aharon says:

    very interesting outfit


  19. Awesome, she really found the perfect match with those shoes and scarf and I love the unexpected shoelace color choice. Great outfit.

  20. laoo says:

    brilliant shoes!

  21. batsandbows says:

    oh that coat’s gold. xoxo

  22. norawoah says:

    oh those boots! I have a pair just like those and I can’t seem to take them off. She’s totally rocking it! I want a big old sweatshirt dress to hid in when its raining out too!

  23. lovee thee photos:)
    and the shoees :D


  24. Liya says:

    the first photo is my favourite!! i think its missing some army people marching in the background dress in grey head to toe :)

  25. Konstantin says:

    beautiful…i love it…

    check it out. a lil’ gift for you yvan:

  26. Anonymous says:

    I wanna be there looking like that!

  27. Lady M says:

    hood is good!
    and I love this boots.

  28. I love the wrap – but she could lose those boots.

  29. K Pav says:

    she is stunning!

  30. i don’t like her shoes

    great pictures

  31. SAtone says:

    ya…White coat with big hoodie, LOVELY :)

  32. Masha says:

    My dear Moscow… beautiful pictures.