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  1. SuzieM says:

    very nice work, mr. rodic!! i loved this video!!

  2. Mi. says:

    Thank you for sharing :)))

  3. Jasmin says:

    this was a good one! i thought the bit about the American girls was hilarious. Well edited for comedic timing!

  4. great video. ahh i also want to the coachella festival!! ;D

  5. Nube says:

    I loved the video, especially the moment you show us how to enter coachella without paying and the french-accented english conversation(lol)!

  6. Sveni says:

    i love erlend oye! i saw whitest boy alive last year in germany, it was so nice.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looking better than ever Yvan, no bags under your eyes… I’m impressed;) Come see me soon!

  8. Radburn says:

    did i spot beth ditto in the background at one point? (while you were taking to jeremey scott)

  9. says:

    lovely. feels like i was there!

  10. Yvan you looked so cute dancing around! I must Wang and his “posse” acting too fabulous to deal with you even though you were polite. It makes me not like him as much anymore. Don’t they now you’re a photographic ninja?!! xxxx

  11. Celine says:

    Haha! It looked like you had a ton of fun… I posted a few of my Coachella pics too :)

  12. Little King says:

    genius genius haha organic yvan. make more!

  13. Neysa Bové says:

    lol, talk in english with french accents…

  14. Alginus says:

    so funny and crazy mr. rodic,,nice ^^

  15. Claire says:

    love this video!!!
    diva dompe!
    aren’t you hot in all those clothes?

  16. Carlos says:

    nice, but next time let me produce!

  17. haha so funny! you should do more this kind of stuff

  18. Lady M says:

    I love it.

  19. Emmanuelle says:

    Génial ! J’adore l’assemblage de gens totalement différents, et les deux filles “looking for the toilets” en plein milieu… Je regrette de plus en plus de ne pas avoir osé venir te saluer quand je t’ai croisé chez Colette cet hiver :(
    On veut plus de vidéos !!!

  20. debi-joy says:

    you seem like a very sympathique person, nice work

  21. hannasvea says:

    Love this!! Thanks for showing the world to us who haven’t gone there yet.

  22. hahah hey I also love you.

  23. Anonymous says:

    laisse tomber la vidéo!

  24. Mode-Fatale says:

    i love when one of the guys you interviewed says MERICAN GIRLS ARE EASY hahahaa thats totally true… very nice video… do videos more often it seems like a lot of work but your great in frotn of the camera… p.s. i love you HAHAHAHA

  25. Karafina says:

    that was awesome! it was like i was at coachella again.. miss it so! see you next year!