THE OBSERVER – february 28th: copenhagen fashion week

Read the whole column here.
I’ve update my visual diary with new pictures of Paris Fashion Week.

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  1. Emilie says:

    Love the last one!

  2. Karoline says:

    Love Gala’s dress!

  3. Olivka says:

    So fresh and little cold fotos.
    But do your best for our less

  4. JuDe says:

    love the blond air ;)

  5. I love the combination of long skirts and sky high heels, and the chains on the shoulder in the last photo look awesome.

  6. Viktorija says:

    Ohh, I miss Copenhagen soo much!!!

  7. itsjustleyla says:

    I was there ! I love the style of copenhagen!

  8. gih says:

    Gorgeous. I like the 2nd one. Perfect for me.

  9. Cecylia says:

    I am loving the long dress trend

  10. dodoy says:

    awesome looks.. perfect model

  11. Enrique says:

    The neo-Romantic aesthetic is done well by those who have appreciation.

  12. ok, just saw your tweet about American Tour in APRIL!!! So excited…I’ve been waiting. When will you announce the city/dates?

  13. Davidikus says:

    28 February seems like such a long time ago. A blast from the past or almost. Denmark’s idiosyncratic style is very intriguing. Thanks for opening my eye to this.

  14. CrayFiSH says:

    congratulations about the book!!!


  15. street…street…i love street

  16. abataba says:

    I love this blog!

  17. Love those metallic leggings.

  18. C says:

    I really need a great leather jacket and a long skirt or dress now! Wonderful photos, very stylish!

  19. Masha says:

    wow I love the white color of hair! so natural and fresh! just a dream to have same hair)

  20. Paz says:

    I ♥ PARIS! :D

  21. Philippa says:

    Love your blog. Love fashion. Love Art.

  22. joanaddicted says:

    the third pic is great! i am huge fan of blue&black colors matching!

  23. golestaneh says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. KohCo says:

    Amazing aesthetic in all of them!

  25. golestaneh says:

    I shot beautiful Kamilla, the second girl, at the Fashion Week in Berlin and forgot to give her my business card. So dear, if you read this and want to see your pic, visit my blog:

    Mr. Rodic I love your work!

  26. Love the pics! The outfits are great…the long dress-leather combination…awesome…I love this mix and match

    xx Emily

  27. AC BANANA$ says:

    Gala looking major gorgeous as always!!

  28. MoMo says:

    Love those long dresss!

  29. Andrea says:

    i love the makeup in the last photo

  30. That Oasis dress that Gala is wearing is such a burgain. And I love the way she pulls of maxi length! She is a pro!

  31. EnVogue says:

    I loved some of these shots so much that I just had to blog about them, I hope you don’t mind! I’ve placed a link back to your blog underneath the image :)


  32. C. says:

    The last one is great, the makeup
    and the hair style are beautiful.