THE OBSERVER – february 21st: london & stockholm

These photos were part of my 1st column in The Observer. Read more about the subjects featured here.

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  1. Clare says:

    Love these pictures, especially the hairy shoulders.



  2. Joyce says:

    I love all these coats!

  3. The Fall says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. RuthlessChic says:

    The two with the long skirts are my favorite

  5. love the fur jacket in the last pic.

  6. Love the second outfit. maxi perfection and love the yetti-like shoulders.
    if you have a mo, please check out my blog
    x x x

  7. Prince C says:

    Great photos, love all of them! :)

  8. The first two outfits are brilliant, love the fur.

  9. Karoline says:

    Wow, love the looks, all of them!

  10. debi-joy says:

    Isn’t the Last Picture a Blogger. Looks like Chic Heroion

  11. Liya says:

    i love the lady with the dog x

  12. Masha says:

    beautiful pictures! I like the one with the dog. he’s so fashion)

  13. FASHION SNAG says:

    I love the long skirts and the gorgeous coats.

  14. rachel says:

    All four of these outfits are so good!! I can’t wait for the cold weather to reach Australia…

  15. Really great photos – thanks for sharing :)

  16. melina bee says:

    I love the first two looks especially.

  17. gih says:

    Watta very lucky dog with a nice dress.

  18. Cecylia says:

    Even the greyhound is well-dressed

  19. mimi sioux says:

    the doggy need more clothes!!
    he looks cold..

  20. Anonymous says:

    last shot…sam edelman wedges? lovee it

  21. Eva says:

    Thank you! The shoes are actually from Jeffrey Campbell

  22. Ore.Runs says:

    There’s so much fur and I LOVE it!


  23. i can sense ur own style trough ur blog images=)