MILAN – fashion week aw 10, bonus 1

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  1. iLove the outfits!
    Especially the one with the sunglasses – how simple chic she is..
    And generelly some great pictures in themselves!

    As one of my greatest fashion-photo-blog inspiration would you mind taking a minure and take a look at our blog, maybe leave a comment? Would mean the world! Thanks so much in advance!

  2. Love that woman’s shades and that last shirt.

  3. Brigadeiro says:

    Love the photos & outfits! Taylor looks gorgeous & effortless as always!

  4. I love the first woman’s attitude, she is so cool.

  5. Prince C says:

    Another great post. They all have some really good looks, I especially like the glasses on the first girl :)

  6. Cecylia says:

    Taylor Tomasi is gorgeous but I adore the outfit on the Asian girl

  7. Love the first glasses and second outfit. Love what you do FACEHUNTER. :)

  8. Amazing pics!
    Love the second one!

  9. Dini says:

    I love the first girl! She looks so classy!

  10. Is it just me or does the woman in the top picture look like a clean and younger version of Debbie Harry? Great outfit either way, and also great shade of lipstick. It’s very flattering!

  11. Mai says:

    is the unifying theme of these 3 subjects, jackets – not quite on correctly? you’ve got such a great eye.

  12. Vinda Sonata says:

    LOVE all of them, what a cool crowd! i always enjoy seeing fashionistas, my favorite one is the 1st pic. a bit tomboyish, but sexy and chic!

    fashion atelier.

  13. in the first image the style is beautiful, with the amazing glasses
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  14. Eunice says:

    Yvan, I love your shooting style lately. So mysterious, it lends a certain sophisticated air to the photos.

  15. COCAMIA says:

    The woman in the first photo is fierce!

  16. Nate Crime says:

    I love the first one ! the sunglasses make it perfect.

  17. I agree with Irena, number 1 is very Debbie Harry. Great attitude and great style – love it!

  18. Jacqueline says:

    I love the first woman! She has such an attitude about her you cannot help but think she is cool and hip. xo

  19. Juliet says:

    So classic looks ! Me loves!

    juliet xxx

  20. for the first photo waouhhhh she’s like an actress

  21. SaraKateSwan says:

    Love the first and last pics. Theres always a gorgeous light in your photos.

  22. The Fall says:

    the first picture is great!

  23. The Bambina says:

    That first picture intimidates and inspires me, all at one time.

  24. Irene – Great minds think alike! Debbie Harry! The lady never disappoints with her choice of specs!

  25. tshawn says:

    love love love the first outfit

  26. Kat says:

    Beautiful outfits. Lov ethe first one, very classic.

  27. Karry says:

    omg the girl in the 2. pic

  28. these photos make me wish i was somewhere else. you’d think you’d find great fashion sense in L.A. when really its all a bunch of cloned crap. Wear your Uggs AT HOME!!!

  29. Dana says:

    love the first outfit!!!simple and chic!

  30. Clare says:

    Jeeez, the woman in the first pic is serious chic. Immense.



  31. Mat says:

    check out debbie harry in the first pic, she’s lavley!

  32. katkas says:

    love the first picture
    love her glasses

  33. gih says:

    I like the first photo. So cool.

  34. Absolutely adore photo #1! … so effortless cool and chic with a totally personal signature, love it!

  35. i love the first woman’s clothes!
    your photos are gorgeous!

    i have made a blog not long time ago.. Can you just take a look at my blog, and maybe write of what you think of it with a comment.. thanks!

  36. Klára says:

    Well, the best one, I think, is the first lady. The simple male outfit and the cigarette and her dark red lips look great together. She is a woman ! And she knows her advantages.

  37. ♥alicia says:

    that first pic is so chic!


  38. Meadow says:

    that first woman is flawless. very modern day lauren bacall. the lips, the jacket draped over her shoulders, the glasses…love it all.

  39. Lisa says:

    i love the look of the first picture — she reminds me of debbie harry!

  40. mychameleon says:

    First pick: is that the 2010 Blondie??!

  41. Jess says:

    Love the winged-eye glasses and crisp white shirt on the lady in the first picture!

    She looks very chic!

    Jess x

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Callum Smith says:

    The blonde lady defines chic. Amazing.

  44. mary beth says:

    tempted to go shorter with my bleached hair her’s looks so good in the first picture.

  45. Mack. says:

    LOVE the first outfit and photo!