LONDON – soho, 03/31/10

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  1. FASHION SNAG says:

    The first girl is so pretty and her boots and coat are gorgeous. xo

  2. The Fall says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Beautiful strangers with two very distinctive looks! Im kinda veering towards cape girl!

    Yours Truly


  4. H K says:

    Wonderful! I bought your book in store yesterday, loving it.

  5. Carina Joana says:

    I love these pics! so inspiring!

  6. Mila says:

    Loooooooove the last look!

  7. Great looks on both of these girls

  8. I like the etno bag.

  9. bravegrrl says:

    wow, that grrl is gorgeous!


  10. wow .. I love the looks but overall I like the spoils of the last ma girl photo. They are spectacular! They are from Topshop, right?
    in conclusion, your blog makes me crazy.
    I follow you .. a kiss from madrid.

  11. Clare says:

    Love the second girl, her cape is so cute. Love her!

    tweet tweet tweet


  12. the first girl is so pretty! you took a really nice photo of her!

  13. Adore that first bag…wait no LOVE the whole outfit…

  14. Emily Troy says:

    The fur is amazing! She looks so fierce! Love her!

    xx Emily

  15. Karoline says:

    That fur is just amazing, almost to bad I dont wear real fur.

  16. Ashley says:

    The first girl.. I am in love with her. Nothing else to say really. Just LOVE!

    x Ashley

  17. gene doe says:

    interesting pairing of bag and coat

  18. The first two photos are awesome.

  19. Lookin fab in fur, and I’m digging that print on that bag.

  20. Carlos says:


  21. Cecylia says:

    Lovely fur jacket!

  22. we really like your book and posted about it on our blog

  23. Joyce says:

    i loooove the first photo! the fur is gorgeous!
    by the way, congrats on your book =) I look forward to checking it out!

    Endless Nights. Any comments are appreciated and returned!

  24. pilcuis says:

    fur !! the best way to wore it : by a beautiful girl like the first one!!

  25. i like the cape girl. she’s cool. the other girl looks a bit too smug for my liking.

  26. KohCo says:

    Wow love both the looks
    The first is totally bold, very boho 70s rock and the girl is an absolute glamazon

    The second is absolutely adorable


  27. msskeide says:

    The first girl is just so gorgeous:)

  28. Anonymous says:

    I love SOHO!!!

  29. gih says:

    I like the girl on the first photo. Her coat is so cool.

  30. Love the 2 first shots…thanks for sharing.

  31. Betka says:

    … :) beauty!

  32. Agnesssa says:

    Love the first one’s fur, and the second’s shoes, so cool!

  33. iwan says:

    wow I love these pics!

  34. Hel says:

    the fur looks so great and so warm.. I love it!!

  35. Woww! So cool!

    ¡♥Besitos monosos fashionistas♥!

  36. COCAMIA says:

    The first girl is a dream!

  37. ANDRO says:

    woow, the first girl is a real beauty, style & look. Tumbs up from cph!

  38. Andro says:

    first girl, woow!

  39. Christing says:

    love the first pic! she’s so stunning…so is her coat!

  40. love it ! the first girl outfit is perfect : the fur, the cool bag and the boots.

  41. the 2nd girl is the stunner.

  42. MARTA says:

    looooove the first look !!!!!!!!

  43. MADAME MOI says:

    Sweetness! Interesting. Keep up the PaPing, perhaps I will catch you someday <3

  44. avi says:

    gorgeous moel

  45. Beautiful fur coat! I am a fashion design student in London and have been working with fur for my collection, which has really made me appreciate the beauty and quality of working with fur.

    Check out my blog at where I post a lot of my work in progress as well as finished projects and my inspirations :-)

  46. mimi sioux says:

    goodness her bag is brilliant!
    will scout the markets from now on…

  47. Andre says:

    the girl in the first picture.. i’d def book her. need the ID pls!! andre_alfani[at]yahoo[dot]com

  48. Anonymous says:

    Is the first girl Dominique?

  49. Lucíe says:

    I love the first look!

    Is so nice!