This is my post-Paris Fashion Week schedule…

March 12: London, book signing at Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Rd, 5.00PM

March 13: Basel, Switzerland, Institute Fashion-Design graduation show

March 14-15: London

March 16: Berlin
March 17: Berlin, book release reception (signing & party) at Glad I never…, Zehdenicker Str. 25 (ecke Gormann Str.), 6.00PM, RSVP:

March 18-22: Reykjavik Fashion Festival
on the 18th: book signing party at Kronkron, Laugavegi 63B, 6.00 PM
on the 19th: Facehunter party at Venue, Tryggvagata 22, midnight (

March 24: Dublin, Nokia Young Fashion Designer Award 2010
March 25: Dublin, book signing at Noble & Beggarman Books, South William Street, 6.00PM

March 26: Zurich, Switzerland, book signing at Orell Füssli Krauthammer, Marktgasse 12, between 16.30 & 17.30 & Fashionslave store opening

my visual diary

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  1. f%&&$%”!
    great my flight is arriving on 26.3 in zurich. late evening. just great…
    once in my life there is actually something happening in zurich and i cant be there….
    (but i saw you rushing round at london fashion week :))

  2. Whoa his jacket and the blue cross, amazing!

  3. Davidikus says:

    Sounds like a busy schedule! I might be tempted to come to the book signing. Depends on when I am done with work!

    The guy in this picture has incredible style! I really like it. And the Tuileries, the light, look even more magical every day…

  4. Kiz says:

    ¬¬ Why are u in Germany when I just got back home for a few weeks? ^^U

  5. Ludivine says:

    i hope you will be in london in april!! :) love your pictures!


  6. Clare says:

    Love the tambourine guy! Saw similar images to these at a traditional festival on a blog recently and fell in love with the dress and colours.



  7. I wish I could play the tambourine.

  8. La Liebe says:

    hahaha IGOR!! i was there before Dior. He is funny!! ;)

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Florent says:

    Quite a program ! Can’t wait to see your pics !


  11. Anonymous says:

    great! looking forward to meeting you! Dj

  12. gih says:

    Nice tambourine. But don’t know how to blend with other instruments, :-)

  13. Barbora says:

    but no plans for coming to ‘mados infekcija’ …

  14. Stef says:

    yay, Dublin! Hopefully I can make it :D

  15. very nice day. good luck