STOCKHOLM – fashion week by berns, day 2, 02/02/10

Photos of the Swedish biggest fashion party of the year: Elle Galan on my visual diary.

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  1. Sam and Livi says:

    my favorite is the first girls hair and large coat. i love your blog – lots of inspiration!

  2. brogan says:

    love the first photo! the hair is gorgeous

  3. Davidikus says:

    The third outfit is really interesting. I saw one or two people wearing similar shapes on blogs focusing on Oslo fashion. Jolly good.

  4. COCAMIA says:

    Gorgeous hair! Great photo!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love the third picture and this kind of military outfit. It’s very trendy…Balmain, U-NI-TY, Y-3…love it!

  6. In a way or another I love all the looks, all of them are original; the fur is jolie…

  7. that fist woman is amazing. so classic and beautiful.

  8. Sara says:

    Love the outfits!!
    Stockholm is becoming a very interesting city of fashion.
    Nice blog ^^
    I continue following you ;)

  9. amalie says:

    wow love the coat on the first girl!

  10. Raggedy Ann says:

    Love all the photos, but especially the first one. Anyone who knows where that coat is from?

  11. Missy Hii says:

    Luv the first girl’s coat! <3

  12. Jacqueline says:

    Love the first girl’s coat! The last girl looks fabulous in her pose as well. xo

  13. ChelseaDavy says:

    Beautiful, Love shoots in the snow.

  14. Hanna says:

    love the first outfit! And her beautifull hair :D

  15. Anonymous says:

    The girl in the first photo is a blogger from the Danish fashion blog Anywho;
    I think her coat is from Cobra, is custom made but not very very expensive.

  16. dos says:

    last outfit is so fantastic! Her coat (?) is really nice.

  17. Meadow says:

    i’m such a sucker for layers and long coats. the first girl’s hair IS splendid indeec.

  18. Love the coat in the first photo.

  19. MaxW says:

    Lovely top coat.

  20. Romeika says:

    The 1st girl is Stephanie from Anywho, I’m pretty sure her coat is from the store Kobra, located in Copenhagen.

  21. I love the first picture – awesome style. So beautiful and classic!

  22. mychameleon says:

    The first girl is divine – her hair colour is goregous and that coat – amazing!

  23. wow they are all beautiful!
    love the first photo! love the long and oversized coat

  24. Gorgeous coat! perfect for the Winter

  25. I really like the outfits here!!

  26. G-E-O says:

    Love your photos…..

  27. JClemmons says:

    Cute! It looks like it is always snowing =)

  28. I love the second girl combination :)