STOCKHOLM – fashion week by berns, day 1, 02/01/10

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  1. Sarah says:

    Divine outfits with a beautiful frosty background!
    Love Stockholm can’t wait to go in December for
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. the second girl is too cool for words

    adore the detail on her gloves

  3. The first girl is absolutely marvelous!

  4. le pearl says:

    I love what she did with that belt!

  5. Omg i love filipa, she has the best style…and great hair

  6. sooo awesome :)
    second one is best <3

  7. Cerise says:

    Il est sympa le manteau des dernières photos. Elle doit avoir bien chaud :)

  8. Nice shot, both of the girls look fantastic.

    I even dare say the second girl has just the perfect face to be enframed by a fur hood.

    Good shot, good blog, facehunter!


  9. Momo says:

    the first woman is astoundingly beautiful…

  10. COCAMIA says:

    i love the leather trench and the brown belt!

  11. COCAMIA says:

    Oh yes and her hair! Is it her real hair?

  12. CHARLOTTE says:

    Wauw! Those girls are looking haute. Love the fur..

  13. the first girl ‘s hair are amazing.
    great classic style.

  14. CatherinedB says:

    Brrrr! Le froid fait sortir le plus beux looks! Belle foto ;-)


  15. Jacqueline says:

    Both beautiful girls, but I am in love with the first girl. I love her long hair parted down the middle (reminds me of my hair except darker). Also, I like her long leather coat and how she belted it. xo

  16. StilfürStil says:

    The first Girl has beautiful hair, and I love her trench.
    Is the fur from the second girl real fur?
    I don’t like fur :s

  17. I love the 2nd girl’s style. It is somehow predictable, but stylish.

  18. Francesca says:

    love the girl w the fur coat, so cute

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  19. Meadow says:

    I’m into the first girl’s coat, with that leather belt. Fresh look.

  20. MaxW says:

    Bottom girl great. Top girl fab. We do got style but a better welfare system.

  21. Bru says:

    love the first outfit

  22. Anonymous says:

    i like it, are you coming to Malmö in sweden sometime?:)

  23. Emily says:

    Normally I’m not one to compliment fur of any kind, but for this particular coat, I’m willing to make an exception! The sharp contrast between the fur that covers the majority of the coat and the black fur used as trim is shocking, but in an appealing way. This fashionista made a good call by wearing this statement piece over a low-key, monochromatic outfit (and an adorable pair of gloves!).

  24. Style Taxi says:

    Yvan could you tell me please who the secound girl is??

  25. FASHIONPICS says:



  26. ♥Lola says:

    I love the first girl’s jacket :)

  27. Julia says:

    i love the the first look and how she belted her coat.

  28. SnapandPrint says:

    I covet the last girl’s coat! So gorgeous.

  29. Le 21ème says:

    LOOK AT THAT HAIR on the first girl! WOW!

  30. Since the winter season is now a days going, I can say that most of the people will be getting rid of snowfalls. I love snow fall but the real pain of the snowfall can tell the people who face the snow fall. Thanks for sharing your post.

  31. Anonymous says:

    They look really great, however, they remind me of snow white and her wicked step mother, especially in that winter landscape…

  32. @Style Taxi

    I believe the second girl is Filippa. Here is her blog:

  33. long says:

    Leather gloves so wonderfully beautiful

  34. Mat says:

    wow, the first lady is just excellent. is she taken!?

  35. Karoline says:

    Is the last girl Fillipa? love her outfit anyway.


  36. Both outfit are amazing and the snow all around them just makes them even better!

  37. Anonymous says:

    almah! beautiful. i still can’t get over that hair.

  38. Elie's Papel says:

    love all these photos… like to see people wearing something else than tanks and shorts like in Miami

  39. I love snow fall but since the winter season is going off. I can say that coming spring season will bring the new updates regarding fashion.

  40. NDYparty says:

    i wish i had such long hair