MILAN – fashion week aw 10, day 3, 02/26/10

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  1. Love the first girls mix of dark and light colors. It’s always nice to see someone who can wear dark lipstick without looking goth.

  2. Prince Alban says:

    Really in the mood of next winter !

  3. TheDailey says:

    so i was in urban outfitters yesterday and saw your book!!! i so didnt know that was in there! im so going back for it :]

  4. Isabel says:

    The first one is marvelous.

  5. Araluna says:

    I’m loving the first girl’s color choices!
    Great blog.

  6. diane says:

    #3 is too cool for words.

  7. Davidikus says:

    Luvly! Another one who forgot to put her skirt on ;8-p Not that there is anything wrong about this, of course…

    Very well spotted

  8. ooh the first girl looks so delicious!

  9. Juliet says:

    The black lipstick looks so cool!

    juliet xxx

  10. Karoline says:

    I love the first girls shoes, and she wore great color combinations.

  11. Sniurk says:

    Whaouu! c’est assez surprenant … !

  12. bianka says:

    the first girl looks pretty cool!
    like the lipstick

  13. Jacqueline says:

    Love the first girl with her dark lips and camel coat. The mix of dark and light is beautiful! xo

  14. Francesca says:

    love that first girl’s outfit. she looks adorable

    F <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  15. style baro says:

    I love the blog, i follow you! :D
    A big kiss

  16. iLove the dark lipstick as well as the hat! Will try that hat thingy this spring/ summer..

  17. MiA says:

    the lipstick on the girl in the first picture is so cool!

  18. Kimberley says:

    The second girl looks cute in black

  19. Clare says:

    Love the top girl, really good to see a mixture of pale clothes and dark make up, rather striking.



  20. joy says:

    The braids of the second girl is just great.

  21. WOW! Two very intense ladies, especially the second one, I don’t really know what to say, but that is such an interesting pose she is making with that face and hair. INTENSE!

    I really like the dark lipstick with the first lady, because it matches with the paleness and monotone colors she uses, but I like the pop of the cranberry.

  22. DISTRIKMODE says:

    OH wow… I can’t believe I’m loving this post for two different, almost-contrary, reasons… I love how pale the first girl’s look is and how dark the second girl’s vibe is… I always envy and applaud those who can pull off dark lipsticks without looking old, cause I know I can’t! And that second girls hair is stunning! Can’t take my eyes of it :)


  23. U-NI-TY says:

    These styles are great!

    If you want and if you possess an, you can freely download the application U-NI-TY Paris, and discover in live on friday 5th of march the catwalk for the first U-N-TY woman’s collection.

    Have a nice sunny day!

  24. thetokyotic says:

    I really like the second girl. She looks such Urahara (Tokyo) girl!

  25. gih says:

    wow. pretty girl in the street.

  26. Tina says:

    Very chic by the first girl…touch of boheme style with the scarf and lips. Eye catching indeed.

  27. iza says:

    i love your works

  28. Love the first girl. Hope you come to Paris!

  29. oh wow, great lipstick. looks like the one from chanel I’ve got. I love the way she combines bright and dark colours.

  30. Sofia Prado says:

    Love the first girl…I have a weak spot for someone who can wear a hat so well. And her shoes/socks make me a little jealous.