MILAN – fashion week aw 10, day 2, 02/25/10

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  1. The shirt on the first guy is pretty killer, to go along with his stare. I wonder what is it that is hanging around his neck.

  2. Lucy Laucht says:

    The composition and colour combination of this shot are amazing Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

  3. Vinda Sonata says:

    divine jacket in the first picture! not to mention he’s so handsome, too!

    fashion atelier.

  4. Cecylia says:

    The lady in crimson is absolutely stunning.

  5. Gon says:

    uhh i like both pictures, but my fave is definetely the first, he looks so stylish and edgy, that sirt rocks!


  6. Clare says:

    Loving the orange/yellow look. Beautiful shots as always!



  7. Davidikus says:

    I am not entirely sure about those two styles: you certainly spotted something, but is it something interesting?

    One thing I know for sure: this woman needs to get off the road quickly before she gets run over!

  8. Red and yelow and pink and green…I can sing a rainbow!

  9. HEK says:

    The woman in orange is so chic:)

  10. STEFANIE says:

    Love the second look , I like her choice of colours :)

  11. joy says:

    I enjoy the way “vogueistas” dress, the push elements sometimes but they also stay classic.


  12. SaraKateSwan says:

    Ohh i love that guys top. What is that, like a cardie/shirt?? Its great.

  13. Eriko says:

    wow that shirt is really nice :)

  14. Jacqueline says:

    I love the color combo of her coat and the yellow heels in the second photo! Gorgeous shot. xo

  15. The jacket and the shoes! perfect.

  16. Ginta says:

    Girl is such a sweetheart!

  17. Wacko says:

    The sweater in the first picture is fantastic. -M,

  18. Thomas says:

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  19. I like so much your blog , your picture is beautiful

  20. rockncaroll says:

    Her outfit is soooo joyful! Wearing Yellow and orange during winter is excellent for the health! :p

  21. elisa nahlin :) love her work in crash. She left it no?

  22. Charlie says:

    I love that GIVENCHY shirt!

  23. Wow, I love the 2nd picture with the matching shoes and train. Very retro yet modern!

  24. Florent says:

    Great pics again, Sir ! Just…really great !

  25. The last look is brilliant. I really like her coat and the combination of red on red. And the yellow sandals make it perfect to me.

  26. Jenna says:

    The last look is amazing. Although her coat/dress, shoes and purse are all different colors, they work so well together. The light blue heels on those yellow sandals, so unique!

  27. JuliAM says:

    i want that guy’s outfit for ME!