MILAN – chantal, fashion week aw 10, day 1, 02/24/10

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  1. FIFFI says:



  2. horriblé says:

    tooooo much toes! those shoes are really not for her! :S

  3. Prince C says:

    Great photos, she has a really good look :)

  4. Davidikus says:

    A bag designed like a chocolate box? Why not, after all? It seems cumbersome to carry but it does look nice!

  5. Christoffer says:

    She looks abs. amazing. Such great style!
    Write something about yourself Yvan, at least accept my friend request on facebook ;).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I´ve seen that bag on topshop.

  7. La petit says:

    I really want her bag

  8. that bag is a work of art!!
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  9. Vinda Sonata says:

    what a beauty with great style! now i’d wear sequined tops for daylights, too!

    fashion atelier.

  10. Lucy Laucht says:

    Love her style, particularly the layering of this outfit
    Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

  11. Juliet says:

    She is überchic -all over!

    juliet xxx

  12. LacyLady says:

    Gorgeous! The bag is Topshop Unique! Love it too x

  13. cocojones says:

    really chic, great outfit, hair, shades – perfect!

  14. SS says:

    oh, that is great!

  15. jooknun says:

    love the whole style!

  16. Clau! says:

    Wow! Such a great style!


  17. LOVE the sparkle flash + the clutch clasp, perfection ;) xoxo

  18. itsjustleyla says:

    wow i love her trousers!! they are great. i love her outfit.

  19. Frenzy Mind says:

    I want that clutch it is just so awesome!!!

  20. great accessories!!! love the clutch

  21. bmach says:

    Love the clutch! and the sequine top!

  22. Jacqueline says:

    Beautiful girl! I love her style. I like the sequin top poking out. xo

  23. caviardreams says:

    she’s beautiful, love the little clutch and her nailpolish

  24. rockncaroll says:

    Very very nice! Love her hair, outfit!!

  25. Meadow says:

    the sequined top and baggy trousers are giving me LIFE!

  26. Spam Names says:

    I love the clutch. So smart. That little bit of red really brings the whole outfit together. The color of her nails is great too. Have you seen these?

  27. SaraKateSwan says:

    Great style, everything is put together impeccably.

  28. The Fall says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Gon says:

    The clutch is so art deco i really enjoy it, lately i’ve been lusting for those kind of accessories !


  30. georgina says:

    so pulled together, could not improve that outfit :) gorgeous!

  31. She’s bad, she’s bad, she knows it… but really who’s bad…?


  32. amalie says:

    love this outfit!! shes gorgeous

  33. mimi sioux says:

    wow her hair!!
    she looks great

  34. Jess says:

    She looks stunning!

    Love all her accessories and her Ray-Bans and purse!

    Jess x

    check out my blog;

  35. Alex.and Ria says:

    I love how he nails match everything and I ADORE the purse!

  36. Anonymous says:

    she’s perfectly blond and perfectly dress…I just a little bit found of seeing all those paillettes tops

  37. YTKM says:


  38. Liya says:

    love her sunglasses… very stylish

  39. eeternalist says:

    does anyone know what kind of ray bans those are?

  40. U-NI-TY says:

    She is such a beautiful girl, and has a great style!

  41. Taylr says:

    I am in love with her sunglasses. Does anyone know what kind of Ray-Bans they are? xx

  42. GRACCIASSS everyone…you were all soo sweet. the bag is amazing, and yes topshop unique. Yvan, miss you already. come back to Milan. When i go to London, im calling you…get ready. xoxo- Chantal

  43. ps…the ray-bans are the xl mens wayfarer…xoxo- chantal

  44. Podszewka says:

    I like this soft colourss

  45. Annika says:

    I love the trouser pants, they’re perfect! Don’t know about the shoes but she has great style otherwise