LONDON – alex, great marlborough street, 02/17/10

Have a look a my Monday in Paris on

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  1. Davidikus says:

    I love the scarf, but she must be awfully cold!

    PS. Should someone really show their legs when they look like that?

  2. LacyLady says:

    Gorgeous girl, love the colours too!

  3. DRESSSPACE says:

    I think she should wear another pair of shoes, maybe with the heels. The scarf is very beautiful and I seem really hot. I like the jacket even though it is not seen very well in the picture

  4. I can’t wait for the fashion week to start; she looks so Londonj girl ^^

  5. Shandi says:

    I think she looks great…I love the vintage dress and her shoes are very cute. Question: Davidikus, what’s wrong with her legs?

  6. Frenzy Mind says:

    aaadore her everywhere I see er she looks unbelievable ×D

  7. Fabulous scarf and hat! :-) Love the look.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    I love the scarf. Her look reminds me of 90s grunge style. The lighting in these shots is amazing.

  9. itsjustleyla says:

    i ABSOLUTELY love it! <3

  10. aww she looks cute!

    Davikus: what is wrong with her legs?
    I think she looks great!

  11. ♥alicia says:

    So pretty!!

  12. Dina says:

    super cute dress!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. A real person with real legs! And a cute one. Davidikus fell probably victim the omnipresent fashionbrainwash.

  14. I love her high cheek bones. And her divided chin, it’s what makes her face so define.

  15. She looks very hip I like her hat, her hair cut made her face broad.

  16. Alex looks so English! that’S great.

  17. iam.mai says:

    i love that scarf! its so cute and cozy!

  18. gallery802 says:

    Really good looking……….she is a model or what……….but anyway she is amazing.

  19. The colour combination of warm cloth is looking very good.