COPENHAGEN – fashion week aw 10, bonus 1

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  1. Whimsy says:

    that’s a STUNNING jacket in the first picture…and so is her face. :)


  2. Davidikus says:

    I like the picture of the guy. I wish we saw more men’s fashion around these days. And more fashion were people just dressing well, instead of people dressing up. Good job.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Wow, that jacket is great in the first photo. It perfectly frames her face! Gorgeous photo. xo

  4. elena says:

    love second outfit

  5. Prince C says:

    Good choices of photos. They are all really well dressed, I also love the Ray Ban :)

  6. ushi sato says:

    I like the black muffler…and the fur jacket above….

  7. dos says:

    oh, that blondie in red coat looks so pretty.

  8. I hope this is not a seal-baby fur on the first photo.

  9. The first and last looks are A-mazing, get the look !

  10. ♥Lola says:

    Adore the red coat :)

  11. Karoline says:

    The man has the most wonderful cardigan!

  12. Razzi says:

    number one is a right cutie :)

    Paddy☮ xx

    visit my blog LITTLE RAZZI here

  13. Great fur hats and hoods. The perfect way to highlight delicate and beautiful facial features.

  14. COCAMIA says:

    Love the layering of the knits!!

  15. diane says:

    That man’s beautiful sweater, omg.

  16. itsjustleyla says:

    wow i LOVE the second outfit. the jacket with the hat is such an awesome combination!

  17. Bru says:

    i love the first look.

  18. Vinda Sonata says:

    awesome styles, all of them. the woman in the 2nd picture surely knows how to dress. the man is such an elegant gentleman. i really like that knit top. his facial features kinda remind me of actor oded fehr, too. i love gorgeous men.

    fashion atelier.

  19. Annie says:

    love love love the jacket!

  20. Diane says:

    i’m loving that coral colored coat

  21. Nick says:

    i need to know the brand of the cardigan in the male pic…!!! its wonderful!!

    please send any suggestion to


  22. Ludivine says:

    the second outfit is amazing! love the red jacket!


  23. mimi sioux says:

    oh – hunky guy… ;)

  24. I love the furry jacket it looks like it’s her natural hair.

  25. I love their outfit, its perfect gear for winter season.

  26. Davin says:

    I’m 12 and what is this?

  27. I like the guy very nice and trendy picture.

  28. Adrian says:

    I’ve found some great ideas here for my own combinations. Thank you!