LONDON – oxford circus, 01/07/10

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  1. Cathrine says:

    The three past dudes you’ve posted have been fantastic!



  3. I can only fall at his feet in adoration

  4. Fannah says:

    that lady is just perfect..

  5. Thw girl is so cute, I love everything about her look, even how she’s done her makeup.

  6. Pippa Artus says:

    Her head piece looks gorgeous on here :)
    Love the faux fur :) <3

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Love his scarf a lot! Her coat is gorgeous as well. xoxo

  8. dvestv says:

    Impressive Photos. These people are quite look like models.

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  10. Cecylia says:

    Love her headband!

  11. Sarah Bee says:

    This women is the epitome of amazing. I love everything about her, I think it was the big fur and the headband that one me over. She reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum, great style.

  12. wow they both look amazing. the guy is so cute and the girl is adorable.

  13. diane says:

    I really like the look of the guy, because he looks so natural and unaffected.

  14. emilia says:

    I love her mix of colors and the guy’s hat.

  15. rose says:

    Her coat is gorgeous as well.

  16. LADYPLAY says:

    i love her style!!!! ladyplay from paris

  17. OMG they both have such a great great style !
    I like the girl’s shoes et the boy’s allure, with his cap and his scarfe.

  18. i love the ribbon in her hair.

  19. Aury says:

    Who is that gorgeous, fabulously dressed man?!

    Great pics!

  20. i love that guys scarf. that winter knit is so cute!

  21. Aviva says:

    I have exactly the same fake-fur coat, that my mom bought about 40 years ago in London!