LONDON – jonathan, covent garden, 01/05/10

To see a few bits of my first day in London, check my visual diary.

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  1. Walter Price says:

    yes the jacket is dope. so is the tie!
    cool blog man

  2. Wahey, back in London! Love the layering.


  3. simply.steph says:

    Just coming into realization that beige and blue is a beautiful combination…

  4. farisita says:

    oh, very cute

    fresh jacket-sweater-tie combo…

  5. i love his facial expression

  6. Isabel says:

    I adore the jacket!!

  7. this guy is super cute. totally dateable.

  8. HAL says:

    cool jacket! layered very well.

  9. f1ab says:

    sick outfit.
    love this kind of street style.

  10. I am not feeling the return of the varisty jacket and this guy can pull it off.

  11. Emmanuelle says:

    This outfit just great, the layering shirt&tie / grandpa cardigan / varsity jacket is kinda genius, plus the man is cute :)

  12. sara says:

    Love the shoes!

  13. Fannah says:

    the jacket the jacket the jacket.

  14. cute shoes and expression.

  15. Meadow says:

    oh he is adorable. 50′s/dandy style. my fave parts are the sweater and shoes.

  16. Johnny Ashbury. says:

    very good mixture of pieces to make the perfect outfit. the varsity jacket and shoes are my favorite!