LONDON – flower market & brick lane market, 01/17/10

Several extra London shots to look at on my visual diary.

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  1. ♥Lola says:

    Love the second girl’s hair, it’s so pretty :)

  2. The last girl looks so cool and nonchalant and I love the combination of that color of blue and the fur.

  3. Fannah says:

    the first lady is perrrfect. and lettered tights? there’s really not much left to ask for in the world.

  4. Camille says:

    the first girl is perfectttt

  5. fabulous. really just wonderful.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Wow, the last girl looks amazing and gorgeous! I like the middle girl’s tights. xoxo

  7. i love the blonde girls necklace and tights!

  8. beba says:

    WoW, love the first girl, she is so chic and beautiful!

    Peace and love!

  9. Polina says:

    love the last girl outfit!

  10. joy says:

    The girl(s) pictured first and last are the best!


  11. RJ says:

    the albino girl is doper than the other ones.

  12. sofie says:

    dear ivan!..Im so glad you back with the london pics! They always were and will be the best. The outfit on the girl from the first picture is pure geniusity

  13. Alexander says:

    Really great pictures! 10x! Love girls style!

  14. Cuchisquare says:

    the girl on the first pic is so beautiful…

  15. the second girl has such beautiful hair. and your photo’s are amazing as usual!

  16. Isabel says:

    Oh, her blonde hair is marvelous!

  17. Funky as!
    Love, love, love the chunky necklace!!!

  18. Love the top girl. Going to follow you, your blog is ace.

  19. Love each girls individual style’s.
    The last girls trouser’s are amazing, the colours blend in beautifully.
    Second girls hair, wow love it. She’s working those shoulders and the neckalace gives it a funky fresh look.

  20. Anonymous says:

    the bottom girl looks effortless, really beautiful

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  22. Kale says:

    The first coat looks so good how it just draped to form a semi cocoon to protect her form the cold I love the whole egg drape look it flatters everyone

  23. Aych says:

    I LOVE the second girls GAGA-esq threads… and the HAIR! goodness yummmmmmy! x

  24. sarah says:

    the first outfit is perfect… really spot-on winter dressing…

  25. Ashburn Eng says:

    love the cardigan on the first lady!

  26. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE the 1st girls’ outfit/style!

  27. love the tights!!!

    *sigh* i miss london at times

  28. /her tights are very loud ha

  29. Diya says:

    love the alphabet tights!

  30. Sniurk says:

    vraiment stylé :)

  31. They look comfy. Is that the Columbia Road market? I love that chunky necklace that girl has, it really frames her face well.


  32. norawoah says:

    Grey hair, my ambition.

  33. God I love the pure white hair, mine always turns yellow!

  34. Stephanie says:

    take that dead animal off your neck. the rest of the outfit is pretty, but the “scarf” looks disgusting.

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Vanessa says:

    I laughed aloud when I scrolled down to the second girl–I stood behind her in line at Market Coffee House that morning!

  37. So beautiful. The last picture… the feeling it exudes is perfect.

  38. Erica says:

    lovee that necklace and those tights in the second picture!


  39. Sunna says:

    The second girl’s shoes are from H&M, I have the same.


  41. 'Lee says:

    they all look so cool!
    I love the second girls shoes and the first girls bag.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  42. Anonymous says:

    OMG Georgia Frost is back to blond. Can’t wait to see her back in fashion!!
    She was the perfect Burberry girl!

  43. gem fatale says:

    Blondie looks awesome.
    Her shoes are only a tenner in h&m! I must get some.

  44. la femme says:

    All about the last girl.

    And alphabet tights on #1 are pretty cool. Good shots that day.

  45. Mattamorphis says:

    Her tights are Fabulouuuuuuus

  46. Anonymous says:

    the third girl… it’s god-awful, I understand the creation, I’ll never understand cruelty and people who wear corpse.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I love this blog but all I can say to the girl wearing that poor racoon around her neck. I hope you, in your life time get to experience half of what that racoon did and then ‘fur in fashion’ might take on a new meaning for you.

    just do your self a favour and reseach what that creatures last moments were like.

    all the best.

  48. Anonymous says:

    These Several extra London shots are very attractive and these girls are also Gorgeous.

  49. Anonymous says:

    animal dead in not fashion and not creative it’s only murder.

  50. The pictures are really Amazing. And liked their dressing very much Specially the combination blue and the fur. This is a Unique Combination.

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  51. I completely understand where you are coming from. I cant wait to beat those winter blues with bright colors and hues for the Summer. Though at the moment is seems miles away.endessw

  52. Term Papers says:

    It’s a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of the world in which we live. Fashion is about change which is necessary to keep life interesting.