BARCELONE – 080 barcelona, 01/26-28/10

More Barcelona blue sky and beach on my visual diary.

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  1. MP says:

    Love the 3rd!!
    & the 2nd too!

    Great blog! Congrats!

  2. Gon says:

    Love the girl with the flower print top and the hair up! So intelectuall!


  3. good outfit in the first picture (:

  4. oh!relie says:

    love your Barcelona Pics. First one is great…so classy

  5. KIRAFASHION says:

    The first lady is so charming!

  6. Cecylia says:

    Wow they are all so chic. I love the blue sandals on the girl with the LBD

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I love the first two girls the most, especially their shoes and coats/vests. xo

  8. Kayleigh Ann says:

    My favourite look is the 2nd one.

    Please check out my blog:


  9. Kayleigh Ann says:

    Please check out my blog:

    Love the 2nd look!!!


  10. Fannah says:

    love the first (the blouse and fish necklace!), the third (the bun and trousers!) and the first to last (the glasses!)

  11. 1rs and 2nd are my favorite with their boots

  12. Nice shots there. I love the smart looking girl with the glasses.

  13. 'Lee says:

    they all have amazing style, but I love the 3rd girls mix of clothes that shouldn’t really go together, but do.

    14 year old maniac, who spends her time collecting pictures and talking about fashion. Has dreams of one day becoming involved in both the fashion and music industry, pretty far-fetched don’t ya’ think?

  14. la femme says:

    Love 2nd and last. Looking forward to the contrast with Stockholm.

  15. COCAMIA says:

    These woman have such great style!

  16. back says:

    Love the 5th, she’s cute and the outfit is as well.

    BC2DR Brand

  17. dos says:

    oh, first girl have such a nice shoes.

  18. Sarah says:

    I love the second girl’s leather mini skirt with zips.

    That skirt is so 80’s, I wished I had kept mine now…never mind it probably wouldn’t still fit anyhow :0D

  19. The first Demoiselle is SUPERPRETTY
    perfect style !!

  20. I’m truly smitten with the two smokers, cancer or no cancer, it still looks cool.

  21. Karen Beth says:

    That last black top… please tell me where I might get one!