SYDNEY – surry hills, 12/01-02/09

To enjoy more of my Sydney adventures, check out my visual diary.

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  1. wow

    man in jump suit


  2. sui says:

    love the tattoo on the first girl.

    come to california! san francisco, san diego!

  3. I love that the first girls hair color is very slightly pink.

  4. Rocking and rolling!!


  5. Kallie says:

    i love that the first girl pictured has hair that matches her skirt ever so slightly

  6. Thea says:

    Cool. They’re all so casual and still stylish dressed. The guy in the jumpsuit..bold but cool.


  7. Love the tatto!!love this picturs!





  9. Jacqueline says:

    Love the first girl. Her tattoo is pretty and I love the socks with platforms look lately! xoxo

  10. Marine says:

    the girls are so stylish !
    The blonde girl’s tatoo is AMAZING.

    lovely shots !

  11. Alina says:

    oh the tattoo from that girl relly looks amazing!

  12. Krimly says:

    lovely blog!!

  13. Kale says:

    That first girl is amazingly intreguing the way she portrayed the whole 80s hard edge but with a soffter palet and the use of crystal embelishment instead of studs this could be the transition look from hard edge to a more softer astetic

    and the guy in the jumpsuit wow

  14. Julian Cole says:

    The first girl reminds me of the kind of girl you would meet at a BANGS gig…or maybe not

  15. Helvi says:

    what is the font of the tattoo?

  16. ruby may says:

    the girl in the first photos has the best coloured hair- it’s like Selma Blair’s in Storytelling

  17. Joao says:

    Nice blog and nice fotos :)
    Take a look in Portugal:

  18. Frédérique says:

    I really like this blue jeans blazer!
    It is really vintage and the little adorable skirt gives a new dimension to the style! this first look is gorgeous! it’s definitively the best street look on this post! ;)

  19. Vinda Sonata says:

    i love the tattoo in the first picture!

  20. Andy's says:

    that’s a good photo
    Take look to this blog

  21. ana says:

    tatto is cool will try it someday

  22. dmk says:

    your blog is great!!! my blog:

  23. Yahaira says:

    The man in the demin jumpsuit.. wow
    so chic… with that flowery bag…

  24. MARA says:

    ok I am so going to pull out my denim shrit after this post.

    man in jumpsuit= CUTENESS OVERLOAD !

    m. from
    –>a junkie’s take on style. Courtney Loves it.

  25. lacee swan says:

    love the chambray with polkadots.

  26. Nova says:

    Looks fantastic, love all the pictures. :)