STOCKHOLM – nicole, götgatsbacken, 12/29/09

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  1. Aava says:

    The shoes! I want!

  2. JamieDOTBall says:

    stockholm is love and youre lucky to be there :) x

  3. me encanta el collar la bufanda las botas ;) todo!!

  4. MIA says:

    the necklace is insane. amazing



  6. Sashashaaa says:

    amazing! Huge Necklace, and High Boots. That’s an Epic!

  7. Cecylia says:

    Cute outfit! Love her necklace- it’s mad!

  8. Kallie says:

    that scarf with the knots is beautiful, I’m inspired to make my own.

  9. Ghost says:

    love the necklace she’s wearing and the shoes!

  10. blondie says:

    i love everything, the whole outfit is just amazing :)

  11. great scarf! adore the knots.

  12. Lála says:

    great look! I love her necklace (:

  13. Sniurk says:

    vraiment frais! rien a dire !
    i love it ;)

  14. Kirsten says:

    Love the scarf and her necklace.

  15. Aury says:

    Stunning outfit!

  16. Aury says:

    Stunning outfit!

  17. Dannie says:

    i looove the bundled look, she look ssooo warm yet soo cool, loooving the boots!

  18. Chloé says:

    Amazing hair and scarf. Swedish girls make me feel jealous ! :)

  19. Jacqueline says:

    Great photos! I love her shoes. xoxo

  20. MaxW says:

    The boots are a sliver of joy still lingering me back to winter in a otherwise spring focusing mind.

  21. AAAAA says:

    the necklace. <3

  22. Ezra says:

    the knots on the scarf were a cool touch

  23. too over for my taste… she could clean up the styling…

  24. Isabel says:

    Just found your blog, it’s so cool, I LOVE IT!

  25. so many elements to this outfit. i love them all.

  26. stacey kelly says:

    her necklace is so perfect!!!

    fall in love with a shooting star…

  27. MEO says:

    I really like this outfit .. especially the necklace.

  28. Beautiful layering – and beautiful necklace. A masterclass in throwing together an outfit

  29. The photos you have shoot are very beautiful and full of three-dimensional sense .

  30. Kyra says:

    Me encanta el collar, que pasada!!!

  31. I LOVE the colors and textures in this!!! Amazing.


  32. Anna says:

    Love the necklace! anyone who knows where it comes from?!

    Answer on my nlog please:

  33. Anonymous says:

    I love fashion, people are creative beings, showing it on the outside is an act of love…

  34. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I just got those boots 2 days ago. They’re Camilla Skovgaad right? Beautific, furturism of the NOW.

  35. rose says:

    so so nice……..

  36. LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH! The boots are amazing!

    To see the bad weather in the world I’m happy to live in the Mediterranean sea :)

  37. grace e. says:

    love the necklace! great accent piece to the outfit.

  38. Lovely piece. I love the necklace very very much. It is so beautiful. It sounds to be you have very good stuff of it..Feeling envy from you.