STOCKHOLM – hej hej åsögatan, 12/31/09

See more of dark, cold and cosy Stockholm in the new black and white shots I posted on my visual diary.

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  1. Fannah says:

    her jacket is so beautiful..

  2. Kirsten says:

    Isn’t she cold??
    Well, I like her pants and jacket anyway :D

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Great jacket! The photos look beautiful with all the snow. xoxo

  4. Her jacket is something that I might see in a thrift store and think it’s ugly and not give it a second glance, but she makes it look so cool!

  5. Brittany says:

    That jacket is such an interesting find. I wonder where it’s from..

  6. Anton Seim says:

    I like her! The jacket reminds me of a cross between a native american/desert Southwest print and something Sami inpired (reindeer people in Northern Sweeden). Love it!

  7. RJ says:

    Delightfully SEXY. Her ensemble is gorgeous.

  8. dvestv says:

    aw! is she too old? or she’s just thin with her look.

  9. Hr outfit very suited to her. She looks gorgeous now.

  10. Cecylia says:

    Wow is that all sequined? Just gorgeous!

  11. Chest Cinema says:

    the atmosphere of the picture is really nice… of the snow…

  12. Lála says:

    great jacket, is lovely

  13. Anonymous says:

    She really is exceptionally beautiful.


    I just bought it last month at a vintage store in Los Angeles. I have a photo of me wearing it here:

    and a photo of it when I bought it here:

    It’s a small world. From Stockholm to LA…

  15. Hawa says:

    oh my i wish i could dress that festive in such cold weather1

  16. Vinda Sonata says:

    her outfit is so perfectly done. she’s very good with layering and proportions. i love her jacket and boots very much. pretty! :)

  17. Maria says:

    She looks like Magga in The Sugarcubes.

  18. LADY REBEL says:



  19. Gee Lutor says:

    The cold there is so strong
    We need of a good clothes

    I loved

  20. torocore says:

    isn’t she playing in a band called blind terry? i think so. great band.

  21. I want her Jacket….!! The Crazy cravings of vintage fashion!

  22. sex, drugs and sausage rolls says:

    ok stockolm people look cool. congrats to them.