SAO PAULO – bar secreto & jardins, 12/10-11/09

The pictures of my two first days in São Paulo are up on my personal blog.

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  1. Whimsy says:

    Very interesting, eclectic collection of photos and style! Love his tats!


  2. le pearl says:

    Awesome shots and I think I see Karen Walker sunglasses.

    I love them <3

  3. Lovin the first and third shots….

  4. Doviliukou says:

    they all look beautiful!

    Visit my blog Doviliukou

  5. MARA says:

    the first pictures in MAGIC;

    love the colours…
    she looks like anja rubik !

    mara from EleGaNTLy wASTED
    –> a junkie’s take on style. Courtney Loves it.

  6. Sui says:

    Delicious man!

  7. Kallie says:

    everyone looks so laid back and comfortable. the girl in the first picture has a great pattern on her shirt, too.

  8. Jr_Mendes says:

    Isso é Brasil!

  9. Jorge says:

    Devendra Banhart, is that you?

    tá lindo.

  10. Amazing, crazy looks

    The Fashionart Blog,

  11. Hawa says:

    cool watch on the guy….cool sunnies on the all black girl…amazing prints on the rest of the girls….all in all a very cool post!

  12. VF says:

    I AM SO JEALOUS OF SAO PAOLO. its my next go to adventure, if it werent for work….and school…

    Awesome pics!

    F <– 2 girls bloggin fashion from ny and chicago!

  13. Jacqueline says:

    I love all the photos, especially the first shot. Great mix!

  14. diane says:

    Oh, how nice to see warm weather shots on a day like this! Quite nice.
    Thanks for sharing these Yvan. xo

  15. You’re my favorite photographer at the moment. I’ve visited your personal blog almost everyday, and I get very inspired everytime when I do that

  16. Alphonsine says:

    I love the aztec print

    Very interesting post :)

  17. Always great style in Sao Paulo, they do their own thing.

  18. GreenTease says:

    super cool painting behind the black dress.

  19. Edu says:

    gil frança is sooo sexy!

  20. Kat says:

    Very eclectic, I love the third shot.

  21. Jones says:

    Wow, Hot guy,Hot Tatoo…

  22. Rozéfré says:

    Charmant !

    Bonne continuation

  23. would love love love to go to Brasil

  24. The photos are so cool, the são paulo’s style is really
    amazing, but you have to visit rio de janeiro to known the
    carioca’s way of life.


  25. the second one !! great shoes.

  26. Percevalties says:

    Really very interesting photos.Very eclectic I love the third shot and I love mixtures and colors.

  27. Nana says:

    Nice tshirt on the 3rd pic :D

  28. love the first shirt!


  29. Anonymous says:

    They’re normal.
    No surprises.