To see what I experienced these last weeks in Australia and New Zealand, check out my visual diary. All my photos are now up!

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  1. Vinda Sonata says:

    that’s very natural of her. her hair looks awesome. was there wind blowing when you took her picture? :)

  2. rocco says:

    Nice face, I love the photo :D
    have a nice weekend

  3. ruby may says:

    Australia is the best place for streetwear- especially Melbourne. I feel like the middle aged people dress better than the young people though…

  4. Marie Joanne says:

    such a beautifull face!

  5. Gon says:

    that girl is gorgeous!! love her hair!

  6. Anna-Lena says:

    i love this natural look! Gorgeous pic!

  7. dvestv says:

    whoa! is that a dirt on her face?

  8. your blog is fantastic,that’s natural of her!!!!, could you visit my blog??? thanksss

  9. Anonymous says:

    was she stopped for OUI?

  10. love your blog!


  11. This photograph is hauntingly beautiful.
    Would be very chuffed if you checked out my blog
    It is all about street art ,fashion and design around the world and I take all the photos in cities such as Bangkok, Paris, San fran, Tokyo, London, Havana, Buenos Aires and of course my hometown Sydney.

  12. Mich says:

    where are you? back in indo?

  13. This was my favorite photo on that post on your other blog. I LOVE IT!

  14. elle says:

    she’s gorgeous and has hair to die for…
    is she a model or something?

  15. HSTOURS says:

    Yvan,,, great pics, and hope you return to Australia again soon.. surtout a Melbourne.. A plus..? :)

  16. I would not mind waking up to that every morning =] She’s so HOT!!!!!

  17. bathmate says:

    This is wonderful posting. Thank you.