SYDNEY – zanita, tamarama, 11/29/09

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  1. Wikifashion says:

    Zanita looks so pretty :)

  2. LoveMore says:

    gorgeous! love Zanita!xx

  3. Zanita says:

    thanks so much for hunting me Yvan!
    Zanita x

  4. veritas says:

    i love zanita! she has such chic & epic style, i hope you shoot her again yvan! =)))

  5. Jacqueline says:

    wow, she looks gorgeous and the setting is beautiful!


  6. Brigadeiro says:

    Zanita looks gorgeous! LOVE the backdrop!

  7. Le 21ème says:

    Love that colour of pink! It’s refreshing to know that the sun is shining SOMEWHERE in the world.

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  8. jack bespoke says:

    absolutely beautiful, love the contrast of the background against the soft and feminine clothing, colors are wonderful too

  9. Adair says:

    Zanita is gorgeous, esp with such a beautiful background like tama

  10. You couldn’t have picked a better face to spot in Sydney! :)

  11. Vinda Sonata says:

    gorgeous woman, great style, amazing hair, perfect photograph. i love this post! :)


  12. sandra says:

    hmm looks very contrived and it makes her seem way older than her age. :( disappointing for sydney so far!

  13. Camille says:

    The most beautiful scenery ever seen for a shooting !
    Amazing !

  14. In love with her outfit, esp. her skirt! Beautiful photos!

  15. Misswayfarer says:

    this is stunning! are you having a party in sydney? Hope so!


  16. Karoline says:

    Perfect! Zanita is great, and such a beauty!

  17. tiltumaria says:

    Zanita is so gorgeous, one of my favourite bloggers! Her style is so original!

  18. Dusk says:

    Zanita is a Goddess but unfortunately these pics do not do her justice… they don’t capture her elegance and zest.
    A spectacular backdrop, a gorgeous talented model, a seasoned photographer yet an insipid photo shoot, bordering on ennui.

  19. Sahakiel says:

    She’s so pretty, I love her face, almost angelical!

  20. Heather says:

    Love the location, the girl, the outfit. Very ethereal.

  21. Juliet says:

    Gorgeous skirt!

    juliet xx

  22. Aurore says:

    This big dress is perfect, for her body (of course) and for beach time, with the hat and shirt, just the summer outfit.
    gosh i miss summer now.

    Street style fashion week travels and more, here :

  23. SummerTeeth says:

    stunning. why does it have to be winter here already? december :(

  24. Baie says:


  25. snoblak says:

    i love the location of these photos and she is lovely.

  26. Annka says:

    such beautiful pictures, you shot a great moment with perfect backgrund.

  27. Cecylia says:

    A little bit of influence from Hermes hey?