MELBOURNE – christina, fitzroy, 11/12/09

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  1. christina src783? crikey! i love her blog :D

  2. Juliet says:

    welcome to melbourne! yay your finally here to witness the great australian style!


  3. Fiwi says:

    She’s standing at the end of my street

  4. nancyy. says:

    wow thats crazy lol
    welcome to melbourne!!


  5. I love the blue on blue coloring, makes for an great photo

  6. I like her outfitter and her style

  7. I love the blue on blue in this photo, makes for a great pic!!!

  8. I love the blue on blue in this photo, makes for a great pic!!!

  9. nice floral print
    Rianna Bethany

  10. VF says:

    wow her outfit rocks. too bad its freezing in nyc and i cant pull that off this time of the year!

    F <– two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

  11. Gon says:

    She’s so beautiful! Love the jacket and the boots !

  12. so very 80s. reminds me- in a good way- of a flouncy light denim dress i used to wear, always with something floral.
    ahhh, the 80s: it’s indeed all coming back…’ll either haunt those of us old enough to remember(!), or make us feel nostalgic; i prefer the latter. :)

    nice post!

  13. she should think about modeling, if she isn’t one already!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    so gorgeous and loving her layering of the denim button down over a floral dress. very on trend.

  15. terra says:

    i really dig all those pieces together :)

  16. English Rose says:

    i lovelovelove this look – melbourne has really great style!

  17. Amazing look! Loving your pictures!!!


    –CHIC news from Paris–

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. The AstroCat says:

    Loving this outfit.

    Very cool. ;)

  20. sefi says:

    love her outfit and her blog:)

  21. Sugar Beauty says:

    Yes. Melbourne always has people with amazing unique styles. xxx

  22. Christina says:

    that is such a cute outfit!!
    i love your blog :)

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  24. Chooni says:

    thats fierce. (:


  25. SpiderZ says:

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  26. 'Lee says:

    I love this outift alot

    Theory of a fashion victim

  27. Ah, my home town of Melbourne…I miss it. I hope you enjoy the unique Aussie style. It’s amazing what sunshine does to your wardrobe :)

  28. Veronicahhh says:

    this woman is beyond gorgeous. on her blog, and here.

  29. aliomi says:

    i love this outfit, it’s perfect. i have that denim shirt. it’s amazing, wore it tonight. i wish it were warm & sunny here in NYC! :)
    NYC-based DIY*Vintage*Couture Boutique

  30. Monya says:

    beautiful pictures <3
    I’ve seen you in jolie :D

    monya =*