VOGUE NIPPON – november issue

The result of what I’ve been shooting in the heat of Tokyo in August is finally out! I’ll post once in a while more photos from this shoot.

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  1. Sofi says:

    Wow, i love the girls outfit, those jeans are sooo cool!!

  2. Dea says:

    I just can´t get enough of the second outfit. It sooo cool! Those america shorts are just adorable…! NO, not adorable… wrong word… They are…. and now I don´t even know the right word…

  3. mikelle says:

    Hello friend. I wish you a beautiful day! :)

  4. I love the pic of girl! so special and nice outfit!

  5. Jeni says:

    I absolutely love the combination of baggy jeans and fur scarf. Looking forward to the Tokyo pics!


  6. Sarah Kate says:

    Awesome couple of photos! Ive actually been thinking of doing a painting of a girl with white white hair like the girl in these photos…Now I have to!

    Great blog :)

  7. Theo says:

    Your Tokyo fashion spread looks fantastic. I was in Japan for 7 weeks – just flew back home to Canada today. The Japanese people have interesting style, definitely.

  8. Vanessa says:

    oh my all the outfits are so amazing. beautifully taken photos. wish I could somehow get my hands on a copy of this VOGUE issue.

    x Vanessa

  9. X says:

    I have the exact same mickey mouse lunch box!

  10. Amazing outfit! That handbag is wonderful

    Polly x

  11. Nice one. Congrats on the publication!

  12. hana says:

    this is so cool;)
    i always see that girl in fruits.

  13. amalie says:

    the girl is so awesome. i love her jeanss

  14. Mat says:

    nice wok indeed! those specs are just brilliant, usa flag shorts have never looked so snazzy.


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  15. begonyc says:

    Yes, more, more!!!

  16. Special people and good sense for unique outfits!

  17. Curiously Me says:

    The best boyfriend jeans!!!!

    Keep Me Curious! http://www.curiouslyme.com

  18. Cox says:

    seriously beautiful pictures, can’t wait to get the magazine

  19. S.I.Q. says:

    great photos!
    and great outfits!

    -Paris graffiti brand logos

  20. corrie says:

    Saw this when I got my copy the other week. Congrats!!!

  21. that looks great yvan! i still want you in my book on fashion blogs! :-) cheers from amsterdam, kirstin

  22. Ashley says:

    The first outfit is amazing. I’m hoping the fur is faux.


  23. Celina says:

    I personaly love your blog. Your pictures is to so much inspiration, both when it comes to clothes and modelling :D
    – Celina (from Norway)

  24. Yumichika says:

    Wow, that’s impressive.
    Girl from first pic looks so guaint!

  25. I love Asian Styles! Lovely!

  26. Hawa says:

    oh my…i love the first girl…love how her stance is so reflective of her style….speechless about the jeans!

  27. Hapsical says:

    congrats, this magazine piece looks amazing.

    i just love that Mickey head bag..insane!

  28. Isabel says:

    That Mickey Mouse head is such a weird accessory, but she totally works it.

  29. Love the girl’s outfit!

    perfect every pictures!


  30. lümi says:

    OHH so happy you shot Mani, the girl from BLOC hairsalon!! I love her style so much, its the main reason I read FRUITS… and I’m definitely gonna buy this Vogue Nippon too!! :D

  31. Wow! I couldn’t wait for this post, and now I see it. I absolutely love Tokyo street fashion, and your photos were amazing! I’m glad you got to have your photos published by Vogue..So awesome, really. Congratulations..Keep on doing what you do! When are you going back to Tokyo??

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  32. These are classic. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  33. LADYPLAY says:

    the girl’s outfit looks original i really love it! ladyplay from paris

  34. jessieADORE says:

    Those are…the ultimate boyfriend jean. So amazing!

  35. vitali iglin says:

    the whole blog is total inspiration! love it..
    come back to moscow ! ;)

  36. Stuck In MN says:

    I’m afraid I have to dissent here. There is a fine line between fashion and just being garish, and I feel it has been crossed here.