SEOUL – sinsa dong + dazed & confused korea night + hongik university, 10/20-22/09

More, more and more pictures of Seoul here.

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  1. Wow love the jacket!!

    Simply amazing.

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    Its an online fashion hub showcasing fashion designers!

    Best regards,


  2. Le 21ème says:

    The guy on the top and on the bottom (same guy) is amazing! His outfit is SO rad both with and without the Julius-esque cloak!


  3. well hello big red cardigan type thing, you’re looking well.

  4. Uhmanda says:

    oh my! the first one, hes t-shirt! so simple. genious

  5. wow *-*
    korean fashion :)

  6. Isabel says:

    This is fucking fantastic.

  7. amalie says:

    no way , i so want to visit seoul.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    love the jacket in the last photo! Amazing draping!

  9. The 3rd look is very cool, much more sober and “fun” than all the others. I think sometimes people overreact wearing some black clothes.. ^^

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  10. beautiful pics,as always!!!
    your work is fantastic!!!
    i love it!!!

  11. mon oeil! says:

    i love the boy in the tomato red sweater jacket! super clean and not deliberately style/CONTRIVED. dude has MINDSTYLE!!!

  12. VF says:

    real cool!

    F –> two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!

  13. Cox says:

    seoul is killing it.

  14. nadine says:

    uuhh. love the first and the second picture…

  15. denparser says:

    wow.. Asian rulez! I like them man!

  16. denise says:

    It was taken in Malaysia I think. What you think guys?

  17. dves says:

    I like the haircut of that Chinese one. So cool. A very fashionable artist.

  18. nice pics,done a great work.
    keep the good work up.

  19. Ashburn Eng says:

    I luv the cardigan!!

  20. Sandra says:

    the second girl’s head is like a perfect circle and it’s really offputting.