SEOUL – fashion week ss 10, day 1, boys, 10/16/09

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  1. The fachunter @ my blog. :)

    And these pictures are great. Seoul is so far away!

  2. Stuntman says:

    Wow, korean style is cool.

  3. Amy says:

    did you come to seoul?
    I’m in seoul
    they’re stylish men
    thank you for come to seoul

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow, you got there at last,! XD

  5. god those guys are amazing. all of them.

  6. The trench with cut out style panels looks really good.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  7. Clara says:

    i love the first look!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lucky you! I really wanna visit Korea.

  9. I want the “hand” pin on 1st photo, its nice!!!

  10. love love love the top one

  11. Anonymous says:

    you should pay a visit to a cooler part of seoul like hongdae( around hongik univ. area) since you’re in korea!
    cant believe you’re here!

  12. Anonymous says:

    you should come to hongdae since youre here in korea.

  13. The ripped side panel jacket is genius and I can NOT stop giggling over it.

  14. mon oeil! says:

    i never see korean boys like this! boo.

  15. Laney Landry says:

    The pics are great, but what a sad collection of couture. Heartbreaking, really.

  16. Anonymous says:

    awesome to see you moving on from Israel. I must admit I really weren’t too keen on the the Isreal/Tel Aviv stuff.
    But these guys are awesome, the hand on the first ones top is awesome, lovely colours.

  17. S.I.Q. says:

    i loove the pin of the 1st guy!!

    -Paris graffiti brand logos

  18. Mary says:

    love these, especially the first and last looks.

  19. Anonymous says:

    are you take a picture of Yourboyhood.
    he is very coool.

  20. MAi says:

    LOVE the fashion in Seoul!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i love the expression of the guy in the last picture!
    he must be a model.

  22. This is soooo cool!!! you should check my blog… there are some fashion designers and models from Gt.. im sure ull like it…

  23. Ilan says:

    Interesting blog.
    Glad I’ve found it :P

  24. Anonymous says:

    my one ficture’s boy,I hate the ficture,very ugly.I want regulation . photoshop please….

  25. The girl with the spoon is yummy.

  26. hiromix says:

    hey it’s yourboyhood! he’s got cool style!! ^^

  27. The Stylist says:

    I’m diggin the last guys style!

  28. Sapphire says:

    i love that colourful cardi!


  29. Sapphire says:

    i love that colourful print on the cardi!


  30. Jiya says:

    Nice Blog keep it up and best of luck for your future