PARIS – fashion week ss 10, day 2, 10/01/09

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  1. missy says:

    I love your photos, though some people realy don’t know what the ydo when they put on things in the name of fashion

  2. that necklace is like oh hello key piece of bling

  3. Miss M says:

    these ladies are fab.

    <3 M

  4. yumichika says:

    nice bra^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where the over black knee boots come from?
    Have they heels?
    It is an hand made t-shirt?

  6. agatiszka says:

    First dress is perfect!!

  7. SummerTeeth says:

    love the details on the chanel girl… that bra is lovely.

  8. Natascha says:

    oh, the bra on the last pic is so awesome!!!

  9. Maladroite says:

    Superb! J’aime beaucoup les cheveux sur la derniere femme.

  10. Nemerae says:

    The first dress is just perfect :)

  11. Jalouse says:

    I think it´s great that people do crazy combinations. You can´t be ahead if you don´t take risks and make some mistakes or go too far time to time… Even though it doesn´t please my eye, I love the denim overalls!!

  12. B a la Moda says:

    The first dress is super. And the girl with the Chanel Tee is very fashionable.

    B* a la Moda

  13. Brigadeiro says:

    Love the first outfit, simple yet striking. The necklace in the second is gorgeous!

  14. popdock says:

    Love the double CC’s, very ingenious. You should come take photo’s in Bristol some day! xx

  15. My Magazine says:

    The first dress is beautiful!



  16. Mack. says:

    LOVE the first two outfits/photos !

  17. Tea For Two says:

    Woah. That girl gives good necklace.

  18. C says:

    LOVE the first picture girl’s dress.

  19. Curiously Me says:

    I love the black dress! I understand why the french style is so famous!!!


  20. garciamadrid says:

    I like the t-s with customized logo

  21. Isabel says:

    I love the draping of that black dress, wonderful.

  22. Kimberley says:

    perfect outfits. Love them all

  23. Catriona says:

    I love that dress! Wouldn’t suit me but it’s lovely and those boots are to die for!
    Check out my blog
    Thanks :)

  24. Laura says:

    Ah, I’m freezing just by looking at these girls. Is it still that warm in Paris? I’m superjealous. Both of the weather and these girls’ outfits and fierceness.

  25. diane says:

    I stared at the Chanel one for the longest time. I just love the way that tee looks with that necklace.

  26. Is that a denim jumpsuit? Ever so clever.

  27. Ekaterina says:

    Awful shoes on first photo!

  28. the denim jumpsuit is from!!

  29. love the black dress and the denim jumpsuit–so fab!!! xx