PARIS – fashion week ss 10, bonus 2

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  1. garciamadrid says:

    the asian girl, the best!!!!

  2. SummerTeeth says:

    ah! garance photographed that first lady. she looks very cool and at ease.
    love em as usual!

  3. yumichika says:

    wow, I love this red sweater from last pic.

  4. Rock-Chique says:


  5. McGallo says:

    RED, RED, RED ! ^^

  6. Anonymous says:

    She is not asian, she is a norwegian model…

  7. Chloe says:

    love the red sweater with contrasting heels…

    i’ve been trying to master the belted-cardigan look for ages, but somehow i always end up a little mushroom-ish. :D but this is goregous.

  8. Kimberley says:

    All outfits look amazing. Seen the girl with the Alexander Wang Duffle bag before

  9. Dannie says:

    loooving these fall looks
    esp. the ones with the extreme scarves, i really love that look and want to incorporate them!!!

  10. Curiously Me says:

    ‘La Mode, la Mode , la Modeeeeee’!!!!

  11. Curiously Me says:

    You really fit with Garance Dore with Alexandra Golovanoff pics.. Her TV shows are the best!!

    Keep Me Curious!

  12. Curiously Me says:

    Hi FaceHunter,

    I just saw that you are in TLV, it seems like you already had a nice esperience of this amaizing and surprising city… I am also in Tel Aviv, let me know if you wanna meet :)

    Keep Me Curious!

  13. Catarina says:

    I love the last pic, she looks stylish and very comfortable.

  14. colette says:

    Sorteo en mi blog.

    Un bsts.

  15. Jacqueline says:

    love these photos. red sweater rocks!


  16. Nicholas says:

    Hanneli! Aw, she’s so adorable.

  17. Taylor says:

    DUDE- awesome blog and photos. Love the all black look in the fourth pic, and the red in the last.

  18. Cecylia says:

    Cute tomato cardi, love the rope-like scarf around her neck!

  19. Rosie says:

    I adore that striped blouse with fringy scarf! beautifully done…

  20. Yann Bunzll says:

    Alexandra.G I love her! :D ♥ I love her show too LA MODE, LA MODE, LA MODE! Great (Y)

  21. Sigh …
    So many beautiful I’ll never meet.

  22. dogimo says:

    I love her face. She looks like she’s smellin’ somthing! :-D

  23. Amel Way says:

    Alexandra is such a beautiful woman ♥