PARIS – fashion week ss 10, bonus 1

More Fashion Week memories on my photo diary.

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  1. Mara says:

    great pictures! love that girls fur coat!

  2. hurrah for the hand in pocket

  3. miss a. says:

    OMG! Daul! She’s so cute when she smiles!

  4. Linda Love says:

    this man is looking goood.

  5. jack bespoke says:

    red lips, high bun, and circular s’glasses, damn okay.

  6. abba sillar says:

    the third girl is immaculate

  7. yumichika says:

    love that dyed jeans from first pic.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Frol looks great!

  9. Anonymous says:

    yes /style man so good///i like))))))

  10. I love the semi ‘Vanilla Ice meets New Kids on the Block’ look.
    Ultra rad.
    great images!

    The Girl in These Little Black Boots

  11. CH!C $hock says:

    oh wow, these pictures are amazing!

    xoxo, m

  12. Anonymous says:

    omg Daul Kim! i love her casual stance.

  13. Dannie says:

    looooving zee fur, i neeed fur stuff, faux of course!
    and kinda diggin zee black chix hair- mine is similar, hahaha :)

  14. Hawa says:

    love the attitude in all the styles…i looooove the whole rihanna hair….love the fur(hope its faux)….and well i love this blog

  15. Jenya says:

    Fol you nonchalant and magnificent!

  16. Dea says:

    I love the second girl´s haircut and the man´s jacket is just incroyable!!! Wiiiiiiiiiihaaaaa!

  17. alastair says:

    love the dye job on the first girl’s jeans!

  18. LADYPLAY says:

    i loove all thoes outfits!!! ladyplay from paris!

  19. D'2'RS says:

    amazing style of the guy,perfect outfit. great ensemble

  20. D'2'RS says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. cookie p says:

    Daul Kim! this makes me so happy :)

  22. laura says:

    first! wow! those jeans, that face and, of course the coat…

  23. Ashley says:

    I love the last look, perfectly tailored yet louche pieces.

  24. K says:

    Girl in pic 2, wow! Great hair and such a beautiful face.

  25. Curiously Me says:

    I just love the third girl style!!! perfect classissism but still so so hype

    Keep Me Curious!

  26. The guy with the slouch look’s style is AMAZING! Wow..I think this is very fashion forward..

    And of course, gotta love me some Daul.

    For street fashion inspired illustrations, check out

  27. Anonymous says:

    Love your fashion eye candy!!!

  28. Cecylia says:

    I love the Asian model with the fur jacket, cool bandage shoes

  29. The Asian girl’s fur coat looks great and she wears it with attitude! And I hope it’s real:)

  30. Anonymous says:

    wow! here is korean fashion model, Daul Kim!! I love her!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hm, well the style is nice but none of these people looks pleasant or likeable…smiling not allowed?er

  32. Alex.emerson says:

    is it just me or does the 2nd girl look remarkably like Michael Jackson circa 1979 (pre everything) in the face…love the hair

  33. BOYWonder says:

    Fur – check, all up on that LOve it!
    Hot BOY – check, not only hot but well dressed too, love his casual baggy look…nice!

  34. meganpixels says:

    ayi yi… blondie boy

  35. LOVE that third look. so cool. they are pretty fashionable, aren’t they.

  36. Natalie says:

    beautiful Frol from Saint Petersburg on last photo

  37. Chloé says:

    Asian girl, she is very famous Korean model,Da Wool Kim. she killed herself about a month ago in her house in Paris..