LONDON – soho & brick lane, 09/01/09

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  1. Polina says:

    Like the first look!

  2. sefi says:

    love the white dress with the boots :)

  3. What a vision in white…

  4. Stuck In MN says:

    agreed, the first one is great- the three layered top in particular. the other is too… toga.

  5. I love the first look too- really chic.
    Liking the blazer, bag and brogues muchly.

    Florrie x

  6. beba, says:

    I like the firt look too, because of his smile (:

    Peace and love!

  7. clean but not fresh

  8. Awesome.
    Moving to Brick lane myself this Friday, cannot wait to check out the people!

  9. Second look is not bad at all – but first look is outstanding!

  10. lo says:

    loveee bag of the first look!!!


  11. dot says:

    Love the white dress. You’ve got a great eye.

    jC @

  12. Maria C says:

    I agree, I like the first look too.

  13. Akiko says:

    This girl looks so beautiful and shrewdly healthy! I find her very inspirational.

  14. Dannie says:

    ooh, the guy in the first look is styliiiin ;) from head to toe!

  15. diane says:

    That first guy looks familiar. Have we seen him before?

  16. kirstyb says:

    loving the first look too xoxox

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Hawa says:

    great lessons on how basics can be worn for both sexes….some amazing detailing happening here!

  19. univex says:

    wooow, that smile makes me shiver!

  20. CHICMUSE says:



  21. Anonymous says:

    That is the nicest bag Ive seen for a long time

  22. Jalouse says:

    Every shoe looks like perfection this time! Love, love, love the 3rd mesh or net kind of pair for girls. For guys, those burgundy slipper- ones are to die for!!! :D

  23. Hayley says:

    the look in the last photo is perfection.

  24. I like the guy’s look. That the style I usually go for myself.

  25. Anonymous says:

    me encanta ese look!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The blazer is from topman I think..

  27. great blazer and roll up trousers…so italian..!!